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Saturday, July 24, 2021

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March : SkillsTrain, Women Presidents' Organisation and South African Reforestation Trust team up to plant 10 000 trees

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14 March, 2018

SkillsTrain, Women Presidents' Organisation and South African Reforestation Trust team up to plant 10 000 trees.

Women Presidents' Organisation and South African Reforestation Trust team up to plant 10 000 trees

We are losing our forests in a rapid pace and the consequences are dire. As the World Resources Institute concludes : "Over the past 150 years deforestation has contributed to an estimated 30% of the atmospheric build-up of CO2. Deforestation is also a significant driving force behind the loss of genes, species and critical eco-systems.

Forests provide essential services for mankind. Forests produce clean air, pure water and rich soil. Forests prevent erosion, desertification and floods. Forests help to maintain earth's biodiversity and to regulate the temperature of the earth. Not least of all, forests create a sanctuary for man.

Trees store carbon. A pristine forest eco-system however also stores substantial quantities of carbon in the forest floor: leaf litter, mulch and compost. Each and any tree in a healthy forest will be replaced by another when it dies and falls over, maintaining the average carbon storage capacity of the forest as a whole.

That's why it makes more sense to participate in reforestation than just to plant a tree somewhere.

Planting a tree is always a good idea, but planting an indigenous tree as a component of a natural forest within a planned area, has the added benefit of creating a safe habitat for natural wildlife, supporting entire eco-systems, while giving food and support to the smallest and biggest of living plants, insects, animals and humans.

In South Africa, storing carbon we must. The CO2 emissions of South Africa are equal to those of the whole of the rest of the South African continent. How much carbon will be stored by a certain forest, depends on numerous variables. But if a person plants roughly 350 reforestation-trees during her lifetime, she will be a carbon-neutral member of her household.

Old Forest

In short, forests provide numerous services vital to our communities which can be equated to Rands and cents. Reforestation and rehabilitation of pristine nature is a global imperative which should actively be embraced by the business world. Businesses which believe in sustainability and contribute to safeguard ecological sanity, do so as more than an environmental gesture-it makes long-term economic sense.

Old Forest

In recognition of this fact, the Women President's Organisation  (WPO) has decided to take a leading role and has teamed up with the South African Reforestation Trust (SART). Embracing the WPO mantra of "Reaching Farther Together", the WPO is going to make a significant impact and aims to plant a forest of 10,000 trees on an approved site situated on the banks of the Klein River near Stanford in the Overberg under the auspices of the SART.

The South African Reforestation Trust is a platform bringing landowners, institutions, organisations, companies and individuals together to plant and extend indigenous forest eco-systems.

The forestation of the South African Reforestation Trust is a biodiversity enhancement program. Trees of many different indigenous species are planted, mimicking the natural formation of forest eco-systems.

The WPO reforestation site, as all reforestation sites of the SART, is old woodland which has been debilitated by unsustainable agricultural use and subsequent invasion by alien invasive species.

Since reforestation will only take place in degraded areas, no pristine nature will be sacrificed. Reforestation will not take place on land suitable or earmarked for agriculture and hence will not collide with food production. The WPO reforestation site is under management for fire and erosion protection and ongoing removal of alien invasive vegetation.

The reforestation sites are a sanctuary for both flora and fauna. Harvesting of indigenous trees will not take place and hunting and restricting movement of naturally occurring wildlife will not be allowed.

The WPO reforestation site, once established, will be protected and develop into a pristine indigenous forest eco-system which will be secure for generations to come. At the end of the day, this pioneering WPO-initiative will have made an active economic and sustainable investment in the tomorrow of our country.

Please help and join the WPO to leave a living legacy for our future generations. How can you help?

  • Donate as an individual or family
  • Gift someone with a living legacy, in memory or honour of a friend or loved one
  • Celebration of life event, rally for trees as gifts i.e. a Christmas gift for the person who has ‘everything'
  • Donate as a team or organization
  • Participate as a school involving the children in their future sustainability
Tree Planting

Go to and buy your trees on line. You will immediately receive your certificate.certificate example

Or, if you want to do more, go to and talk to the WPO and the SART.

Hopefully others will soon follow the WPO's ambitious lead and recognize their own responsibility and the economic sense of rehabilitation and reforestation.

This project is brought to you by SkillsTrain Distribution who are working in conjunction with the two South African chapters of the Womenn Presidents' Organisation and The South African Reforestation Trust to plant 10 000 trees. If you have any queries you can contact Linda Botha from SkillsTrain Distribution on or give her a call on (011) 516 0463.

Trees cost R 120 each and all proceeds go to the tree planting project.

Furthermore SkillsTrain Distribution is offering a 10% discount on their Wildland Fire Fighter and Water Rescue books. The discounted amount will also be put towards the planing project.

Wildland Fire Fighter and Water Rescue book discount
Buy a Tree, PLant a Forest

SkillsTrain Distribution