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March : Way forward regarding how organised agriculture deals with the expropriation without compensation

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9 March, 2018

Way forward regarding how organised agriculture deals with the "expropriation without compensation" issue

I have, for convenience, attached once again the two documents that were sent in the email referred to above.  These set out what Agri SA's initial EWC "Mitigation Plan" consists of.  In brief, these are broken down into the following courses of action:

  • Source strategic advisors and experts
  • Appoint a public relations company
  • Obtain legal and economic advice
  • Conduct a series of "contact session" with key stakeholders
  • Develop a strategy on how to engage with the Constitutional Review Committee

The accompanying letter sets out in more detail the process that has, from a Parliamentary perspective, to be followed and what actions Agri SA is taking in the meantime, including:

  • obtaining legal advice on what legal options are available to them;
  • formulating a common viewpoint with NAFU SA, AFASA, TLU-SA, Agbiz and BUSA on the matter and for a workable land reform plan; and
  • requesting a meeting with President Ramaphosa to discuss the matter.

Importantly, Agri SA has created a "Property Protection Fund" - a fund to assist in funding the planned actions.  Given the seriousness of the matter, Agri SA has appealed for those who can, to contribute to the fund.

FSA has been contacted by a number of members regarding the holding of an urgent FSA Land Committee meeting to discuss the EWC issue.  However, Agri SA is holding a meeting next week (13 March) to discuss their proposed EWC mitigation plan.  FSA will be represented at the meeting which will give us a far better understanding of the mitigation plan and how we can best play a role in supporting it. Members will subsequently be given feedback from the meeting and recommendations as to how we should proceed.  A mandate from members will be sought through our structures on these issues before embarking on any action that we make take.

AgriSA EWC Plan Infographic
AgriSA EWC Plan Letter

Source: FSA