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Friday, July 3, 2020

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May : Versatile and Efficient Transportation from the Forest with Man Agricultural Trucks

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29 May, 2020

Versatile and Efficient Transportation from the Forest with Man Agricultural Trucks


MAN TGS series

Across the globe, trucks are playing an increasingly important role in forestry and agriculture.

Using trucks helps to make transport tasks more commercially viable. Operators are paying more and more attention to the efficiency and total cost of ownership (TCO) of their fleet, while customers are concerned with the issue of environmental friendliness in the transportation chain. The public and other road users are often more accepting of the common semitrailer combinations than of tractors with excessively wide and bulky multi-axle trailers.

More and more goods are being transported across greater distances. Trucks adapted for the needs of the forestry and agriculture industries are important when it comes to transport tasks. In most cases, these are semitrailer tractors in the MAN TGS series, pulling trailers specially designed for forestry or agricultural use. Their versatility is wide-ranging; if also equipped with trailer couplings, they can be hitched up with semitrailers or can pull trailers. The all-wheel drive MAN TGS with engageable or permanent front-wheel drive and high design height is a particularly ideal option for combined use on fields, country lanes and roads when travelling between the forest and further-processing or storage locations.

Wood chipping is becoming increasingly important. Large, powerful chippers on truck chassis can travel quickly on surfaced roads and forest tracks from one landing site to the next. For the body, the chipper manufacturers use MAN TGS all-wheel vehicles with powerful engines for powering the machine. The new robust D26 engine has 10 hp and 100 Nm more than the predecessor model. Its top power output now reaches 510 hp and 2,600 Nm. Contractors often rely on MAN HydroDrive for transporting the wood chips. Its engageable, hydraulically powered wheel hub motor is located in the front axle and offers additional traction, as and when required.

The work place for the person operating the crane, chipper and ejection chute is inside the air-conditioned cab, protected from the elements. For this purpose, MAN Individual modifies the cab with large side-wall and rear-wall windows. Inside, the co-driver's seat is placed on a rotating retaining device on a platform in a way that enables the operator to see their entire working area. 

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