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Monday, July 26, 2021

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August : Symposium : Silviculture and Management of Dryland Forests

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19 August, 2014

First Announcement - Symposium : Silviculture and Management of Dryland Forests

Date: 16 - 19 March 2015

Natural forests in dry regions are under increasing pressure from expanding human populations and climate change. Afforestation with fast growing plantations of exotics have helped to decrease the pressure on natural forests in many countries, however, even the plantation forests are under pressure due to scarcity of land for agriculture and development, increasing pest and disease threats, and also climate change.

The increasing demand for renewable resources like wood fibre is an incentive for industrial forestry companies and private land owners to expand the production of timber outside the traditional forestry areas into drier areas. Intensified farm forestry and agroforestry has potential to supplement the current supply of forest products and services, especially in the peri-urban areas of developing countries.

Focussed research on Silviculture and Forest Management in plantations, woodlots and natural forests in dry regions is urgently needed in many countries, to ensure sustainable management and to improve forest productivity. The meeting will review recent developments in the broader field of silviculture and management regimes of Dryland Forests (both indigenous and plantation-based systems) around the world.

Download the PDF document : First announcement Symposium Dryland Forests