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September : Sunshine Seedlings – Nursery progress over the last 5 months

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18 September, 2014

Sunshine Seedlings - Nursery progress over the last 5 months

Since the last article Sunshine Seedlings have made progress with its plans:

We have been considering beginning a new nursery on the South Coast we are still considering various alternative in this regard. We have however decided to expand our clonal operation outstand Pietermaritzburg.

We are currently producing about 9 million Eucalyptus cuttings per year. By making small changes to our systems and looking at our clonal mix we will be able to increase our capacity to 11.2million rooted cuttings per annum. We have also decided to add to our rooting tunnels. The expansion to our clonal operation will enable us to place in the region of 2 million cuttings per month. Our efforts will be more focused on E.grandis x E.urophylla as the demand for this hybrid has increased as a result of Leptocybe. At this stage growers are being forced into planting the GXU. E.grandis is no longer an alternative as it is very prone to the wasp and more often than not forms galls.

We have continued to experiment with the C.henryii cuttings and have now planted the rooted cuttings into three trial blocks in KZN. We have also planted a commercial block of the cuttings on the South Coast to compare the survival and growth infield. We feel that this species is worth the time as it is tolerant to Leptocybe and has very good wood properties.

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