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July : Sunshine Seedling Services Brings Urbinati to South Africa

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18 July, 2013

Sunshine Seedling Services brings URBINATI To South Africa

The team at Sunshine Seedling Services are always seeking new ways to increase quality, productivity and efficiency. One such method is the seed planting system. Urbinati machinery has proven itself in most European countries with increased production and accuracy of seeding.

Bryn Pollard, one of the directors of Sunshine Seedling Services, visited Urbinati in Italy and saw first- hand how the machine works and where they are manufactured. It took very little convincing that Urninati was the way forward in order for Sunshine Seedlings to achieve its goal of superb seedling quality, productivity and efficiency.

Urbinati have not had a presence in Africa and they have requested that Sunshine Seedlings, as one of the major nurseries in South Africa, market their machines into Central and Southern Africa. This will ensure that service and back up will be provided for all Urbinati products in this region.

The seeding machine arrived at the nursery on Monday and the team has wasted no time in assembling the various components.  Sunshine Seedlings are hoping to have the seeding system up and running by the end of July. There Is no doubt that quality input will result in quality output, therefore if its quality you are looking for, Sunshine Seedling Services have got the secret recipe.

Urbinati Nursery Technology

Urbinati Nursery Technology

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