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November : Sunshine Seedling Services are serious about getting “Growing”

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5 November, 2013

Sunshine Seedling Services are serious about about getting "Growing"

Sunshine Seedling Services are definitely on the front foot when it comes to superior quality and production.  We have completed another multi-span tunnel to house more clones.  The new tunnel will hold 2400 trays. This new capacity takes our production to 1.6million cuttings placed per month. This means we are now able to sell around 9million quality plants per year rooting dependent.    

Sunshine Seedling Services

It's not only the tunnels that are forming part of the expansion at Sunshine Seedling Services. We welcome Wade Van Aardt to the team as the administration manager. Our aim is for increased efficiency and productivity as we offer on-going services to our customers. Wade has proven himself in many areas of business and has a skill in organising and managing administration systems. We look forward to his fresh ideas and to have him bring extra value to Sunshine Seedling Services.

Wade Van Aardt
 Wade Van Aardt

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