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February : Short Course on Fuel Wood Supply Chain

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28 February, 2012

Short Course - "Wood Fuel Supply Chain"

Stellenbosch University (Department of Forest and Wood Science) and FESA announce the presentation of the short course dealing with the "Wood Fuel Supply Chain"

The Department of Forest and Wood Science, Stellenbosch University, in cooperation with FESA and Cost Action FP 0902 - "Development and harmonization of new operational research and assessment procedures for sustainable forest biomass supply" a European Union research initiative, will present a number of two-day short courses titled "The Wood Fuel Supply Chain". The courses will be presented by Pieter D. Kofman, an internationally acclaimed wood fuel supply chain expert as part of a Short Term Scientific Mission of the Cost Action. The course presenter Pieter Kofman, who has in excess of 30 years of experience in all aspects of wood for energy, is a senior consultant in wood for energy at the Danish Forestry Extension A/S. He is well respected internationally and comes highly recommended by leading persons and institutions concerned with furthering and developing this field. The courses have been presented in excess of 60 times in Europe, Scandinavia, Ireland and the UK. The courses were developed for COFORD (Council for Forest Research and Development, Ireland) in the 2006 and regularly updated since and will address the concepts of "Forest to Gate" and "Gate to Grate" of the wood fuel supply chain.The short course does not require a certain level of education and is open to all, but limited to 20 - 25 delegates per course.

Venues and short course dates: Stellenbosch and Pietermaritzburg. The Stellenbosch short course will take place on 29th and 30th August 2012. The Pietermaritzburg short course will be presented on 4th and 5th September. Venue locations will be made known in subsequent communication to registered delegates.

Registration: The short course will require a registration fee of R895.00 (including Vat) per person. Teas and lunches will be provided. Please complete the attached registration form and mail it to Ms Poppie Gordon at or fax to 021 808 3303 (mark for Ms Gordon's attention please). Registration opportunities end 31 July 2012. For further information contact Pierre Ackerman at or 021 808 3293 or visit

Course content:
Day 1: The wood fuel supply chain: from "forest to gate"


  • Wood Energy Basics - wood compared to other fuels
  • Classification after the latest European standards
  • Supply & demand scales for both consumers and producers of wood fuel and matching those two
  • Fuel quality issues, with quality classes after latest European standards
  • Harvesting methods including thinnings and harvesting residues
  • Transportation, delivery and storage (safety and health, fungi spores, self-ignition)
  • Wood energy quantification with unit conversions (GJ, MWh, ton, m3 solid, m3 loose volume, dependency on moisture content)
  • Wood energy case studies, domestic, district heating
  • Wood fuel contract
  • Exercise, where the participants can practise the skills they have acquired during the day.


Day 2: The wood fuel supply chain: from "gate to grate"


  • Production of wood pellets
  • Wood pellet quality with quality classes after latest European standards
  • Delivery of wood pellets
  • Wood fuel specifications and energy value
  • Boiler types, burning process
  • Boiler sizing and efficiency, with emphasis on the right size of boiler and fuel type
  • Biomass project costs
  • Lay-out planning of installations, internal handling, fuel reception
  • Short rotation coppice, establishment seen from harvesting point of view, harvesting and storage
  • Recycled timber and stump harvesting/hogfuel
Click here to download original PDF with registration form: Short Course