Forestry in South Africa
Saturday, September 25, 2021

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2015 : February

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Road Show by CCMA on New Labour Legislation
16 February, 2015
Road Show by CCMA on New Labour Legislation being held at the ICC in Durban on the 23 February 2015. read more
International Day of Forests
16 February, 2015
International Day of Forests
Forests and trees sustain and protect us in invaluable ways. They provide the clean air that we breathe and the water that we drink. They host and safeguard the planet's biodiversity and act as our natural defence against climate change. Life on earth is made possible and sustainable thanks to forests and trees. read more
Strong start to the year for Sappi
10 February, 2015
Sappi's shares last week traded at over R50 for the first time since 2008. The significance of that year is that it was then that the pulp-and-paper company purchased a coated graphic paper business in Europe, which helped bury it under a pile of debt during the global financial crisis. read more
XIV World Forestry Congress - Abstracts deadline extended
3 February, 2015
WFC 2015
Abstract deadline extended until 6 February read more
ANC plans to cap land ownership
3 February, 2015
Business Day
THE African National Congress (ANC) says land ownership should be capped at 12,000ha and ownership of land by foreign nationals should be banned. read more
FSC certification course in Pietermaritzburg
3 February, 2015
FSC Certification Course for forestry managers and contractors - A practical approach (3 days) read more
Land Ceilings a Political Daydream
3 February, 2015
Agri SA
"The ANC's position, namely that ownership of farm land should be limited to two farms per owner and a maximum of 12 000 hectares in order to accelerate land distribution, is totally unacceptable to the agricultural sector and could be detrimental to the economy and the interests of consumers... read more
FSC courses in East Africa
3 February, 2015
CMO is presenting: FSC Certification Course - for forestry managers, contractors, government officials and NGOs - A practical approach (3 days). read more