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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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May : RISI 10th International Fibre Resource and Trade Conference

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8 May, 2018

RISI 10th International Fibre Resource and Trade Conference

RISI 10th woodfibre conference

Registration Opens Next Week: Start Planning Your Trip Now

Known by many long-term attendees as "The Woodchip Conference," the International Woodfiber Resource & Trade Conference covers the entire international woodchips and biomass supply chain, from the plantation forests and transportation logistics to overseas end-users.

Registration is opening soon. Be sure to start planning your trip to Durban, South Africa now.

This event offers both a two-day program and an industry field trip.

Program Highlights: September 17-19th

  • European biomass demand panel discussion
  • An outlook for South Africa's woodchip export supply
  • Regional woodchip supply panels including Oceania, Asia, and Latin America
  • An outlook for the international pulp markets

Field Trip Highlights: September 20-22nd

  • Learning about Mondi's forestry program, specifically eucalyptus
  • Port of Richards Bay: One of the largest woodchip export operations in the world
  • A tour of a Sappi nursery and several plantations to see pine and eucalyptus silviculture and timber harvesting
  • NCT: A visit to the company's three export operations

To view the full program or the complete field trip schedule, click here.

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Source: RISI