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Thursday, July 2, 2020

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December : Rich Veins of Growth

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10 December, 2019

Rich Veins of Growth

Rich Veins of Growth - Dolphin Bay Chemicals

Dolphin Bay was encouraged to see rich veins of growth for our industry this year through infrastructure development in some African countries, agricultural development and some progress in housing.

This was despite a tremendous amount of uncertainty in the industry at large, and a general lack of confidence among business owners in South Africa and across the globe.

In some of our industry's markets, the growth we have seen is sustainable and will continue for a number of years. Dolphin Bay has been focusing on these growth veins to diversify our business. We have also solidified our position in key markets this year by entering into value-added agreements with key business partners.

These agreements provide sustainability and growth to both our organisation and customers.

We are selective in our business dealings, choosing customers for whom we can make a difference. This choice is based not on a company's size but on their commitment to the industry and to providing a quality product. As a result of our continued involvement and care, our partners are better positioned than others to compete within their markets: their operations are streamlined and optimised, enabling them to make bottom-line savings, which results in more profitable businesses.

We have witnessed small customers growing into larger companies, despite the difficulties in the industry, affirming that growth is possible.

Some of our customers have seen exceptional growth in recent years, last year included. We have witnessed small clients growing into larger companies, despite the difficulties in the industry, affirming that growth is possible with the right team and business ecosystem.

Ours is an old industry operating in a modern era, in which the old rules no longer apply. An astonishing amount of modernisation and optimisation is taking place, and those who adapt and innovate have a competitive edge.

Many customers consult us about industry trends. For us, this is a very good sign that our partnership is of value. We place great value on the trust the industry has placed in us, and it is not a blind trust; we are continuously tested by our customers and the industry.

I am extremely proud of our team for what they have achieved over the year. Our focus remains service-orientated, which has not been easy in a market where some members only focus on price. Price should reflect value. Ours is a dynamic and complex industry, with many technical requirements. These range from knowledge of forestry to chemical expertise, engineering services and staff training. If a seller of chemicals does not add value through participation in this industry, they are relinquishing responsibility and, effectively, destroying it.

Industry participation has been a key feature for us this year, which will continue. It has included helping to draw up national standards, organising waste removal procedures and drawing up the requirements for producing a top-quality product. These efforts set the foundation for the future of all of our businesses.

Of course, industry participation and delivering services require extra resources from our team and business. However, the result is that we are able to offer our customers an ecosystem of support, giving them the competitive edge.

Dolphin Bay is totally committed to continue helping our customers in all of these ways. We take pride in our partnerships with our customers and want them to feel proud of doing business with us.

This sentiment will help greatly in building the confidence our industry needs.

Source: Dolphin Bay Chemicals