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May : PAMSA extends application deadline for its bursary and research programme

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25 May, 2020

PAMSA extends application deadline for its bursary and research programme

PAMSA extends application deadline

The Paper Manufacturers Association of South Africa (PAMSA) has extended the deadline for applications in its Masters of Engineering (M.Eng.) bursary and research programme until 22 June. The programme offers eligible BSc chemical engineering final-year students or graduates the opportunity to further their studies at participating universities by way of a R260,000 bursary over two years.

PAMSA, which represents the majority of South African pulp and paper producers, focuses its research on biotechnology in the pulp, paper, tissue and paper packaging sectors. The programme requires that the applicants have a good academic record and show interest in areas such as bioresource engineering, separation technology, waste valorisation, water technology and novel materials using wood or paper fibre.

An example is the research of Stellenbosch University student, Qiniso Ngiba. Ngiba is exploring the use of pulp and paper mill waste liquor for the production of organic slow-release nitrogen fertiliser that would act as artificial humus for soil enrichment in agriculture.

Karina van der Merwe, a North West University student, explains how her Masters project entailed making paper sludge-based biochar through hydrothermal liquefaction, an alternative to pyrolysis.

"While pyrolysis requires feedstock with a low moisture content, hydrothermal liquefaction welcomes feedstock with a high moisture content as water is one of the reagents needed for the reactions to occur. The biochar was then used as an adsorbent* to clean industrial wastewater produced by a local paper mill as pollutants adhere to a surface of the biochar."

"The science and chemistry behind wood, pulp and paper products, and its process waste, presents our industry and country with some unique opportunities for the circular economy," says Jane Molony, PAMSA executive director. "By working with the South African universities, PAMSA has for the past decade been able to open bright young minds to the opportunities and kickstart successful careers at member companies' mills."

Applications must be done online by 22 June.

More details and the online application form are available on or PAMSA's social channels under @paperrocksza.

* An adsorbent is a material which will allow a liquid, gas or dissolved solid to adhere to its surface. An absorbent is a material which will take in the liquid or gas uniformly.

Source: PAMSA