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Saturday, September 25, 2021

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NEWSAW (Pty) Ltd
Contact Person : Wynand du Plessis
Telephone : (012) 663 3885
Fax : (012) 663 8975
Cell : +27 72 940 5144
Website :
E-mail :
Province : Gauteng
Country : South Africa
Postal Address : P.O. Box 10840, Centurion, 0046
Physical Address : No. 9 Idlewild, 7 Gropius Crescent, Centurion, 0157
Categories listed in :
Biofuel Plants; Biomass Machines; Chipping Machines; Mulchers; Consultants; Environmental Impact Assessments; Feasibility Study Consultants; Sawmill Consultants; Fingerjoint Cutters; Framesaw Blades; Framesaw Buckles; Glues; Planing Knives; Profile Cutters; Veneer Peeler Knives (wear parts); Forklifts; Chipper Knives; Circular Knives; Hogger Knives; Veneer Peeler Knives; Pallet Equipment Manufacturer; Blade Sharpening; Grinding Machines; Knife Grinders; Machine Knives; Saw Doctoring Equipment; Saw Sharpening Machinery; Sawmill Blades; Automated stacking; Bandsaw Blades; Bandsaws; Bark Hoggers; Beam Laminating Presses; Board Conveying Systems; Board Edgers; Board Handling Machines; Board Scanners; Board Trimming Saws; Boiler Furnace Supply & Automation; Boilers; Butt-end Reducers; Chipper Canters; Chipping Machines; Circular Saw Blades; Circular Saws; Conveyors; Cranes - general; Cranes - Stationary; Cross Cut Saws; De-stackers; Debarkers; Dehumidifiers; Dry Board Resawing Systems; Dust Extractors; Edge Laminating Systems; Fans; Feeders; Finger Joining Equipment; Forklifts; Gang Saw Blades; Gantrys; Glue Mixers; Glue Spreaders; Kilns; Laminate Flooring Plants ; Laminating Machines; Laser Lights; Log Bins; Log Edgers; Log Handling Systems; Log Hauls; Log Kickers; Log Scanning; Log Sorting Devices; Log Tagging; Log Turners; Logyard Systems; Moisture Measuring Instruments; Moulders; Multi Rip Saws; Optimising Crosscut Systems; Optimising Machines; Planers; Planing Knives; Plate Saws; Processing Chains; Profile Chippers; Profile Cutters; Radial Arm Saws; Resaws; Sanders; Sawmill Equipment Manufacturers / Suppliers; Shaving Machines; Sorting Chains; Sorting Lines; Sorting Tables; Stacking Bays; Stepfeeders; Strapping; Timber Marking; Trim Saws; Biofuel Plants; Chipping Plants; Gasification Plants; OSB Plants; Plywood Plants; Sawmills; Chipping Machines; Conveyors; Drum Screens; Dust Extractors; Hoggers; Incinerators; Mulchers; Shredders; Wood Shaving Equipment Manufacturers / Suppliers;

Company Profile

The objective of NEWSAW is to act as change agent by introducing the highly effective and technological leaderships of the Swedish sawmill industry back in action, to allow the industry to become highly effective and profitable, and in so doing change the timber industry into profit making enterprises that can once again afford to use the best equipment and technology to ensure the industry's future as well as add value to an industry that can provide a future for its people.

NEWSAW is the only supplier of Sawmill Technologies who have in depth practical sawmill and timber processing experience, as well as the supply side, it also has a deep understanding of the local as well as foreign markets against which South Africa have to compete.

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Company Products


Our scope of service and projects are done in cooperation and in certain cases in partnership with outstanding service, technology and industry leaders, both locally and internationally.

  • Commercial forestry plantations
  • Forest valuations
  • Concession valuations
  • Wood Lots
  • Agro-Forestry solutions
  • Community Forestry
  • Desertification
  • REDD projects
  • Management

  • Log yards
  • Wet mill
  • Sorting
  • Kilns
  • Treatments
  • Dry mill
  • Value Adding
  • Boilers
  • Recovery plants for chips & waste & others
  • Pallet Plants & Systems
  • Infrastructure
  • Turnkey Projects

  • Turnkey Projects
  • Engineered Hardwood Flooring

  • Veneer Slicing & Lay-ons
  • Veneer Peeling & plywood
  • Turnkey projects

  • Included in all Greenfield development projects
  • NEWSAW Can provide Bio Gasification Plants for Electricity Generation with wet forest & sawmill waste - including bark.
  • Bio-Fermentation to Methane Plants for Electricity Generation from Animal & Human waste.
  • Bio-Gasification of waste Coal Plants for Electricity Generation.
  • Bio Furnaces & Boiler Systems for Low , Medium, High & Ultra High Steam Pressures for Generating Electrical Power via Steam Engines or Steam Turbines. All specially designed fit for purpose, in conjunction with heat and steam generation for kiln and other drying.
  • NEWSAW is working on systems for Water Recovery, using Co-Gen Energy to recover water from standard wood based drying systems.

  • Accurate cross-cut systems
  • Stationary and Mobile options
  • Reducing wastage and improving on recovery

  • Log yard
  • Log in feed
  • Materials handling and automation(d) Tree length handling

  • Due Diligence
  • Feasibility Studies (Bankable)

  • Process flow and design
  • Turnkey Projects
  • Equipment supply
  • Problem solving
  • Labour solutions, etc to the forestry and agriculture sectors
  • Training and Mentorship

  • Recently acquired capability to design and manufacture the following:
    • Log handling systems
    • Board handling systems
    • Sorting systems for planing mills
    • In- and Out feed systems
    • Stacking and De-stacking systems

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