Forestry in South Africa
Monday, June 14, 2021

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2021 : June

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03 June is World Bicycle Day - Find out more about how this inspirational creation grows the economy
3 June, 2021
Did you know that today is World Bicycle Day?  Find out more about how this inspirational creation helps to grow the economy and tourism, especially now in a time where our lives have been affected by a global pandemic. read more
Kicking off for a new era of climate-smart forestry entrepreneurialism
3 June, 2021
The Forest21 project sees the five educational institutes that teach forestry in South Africa joining hands with three European universities. The aim of the €1 Million project - to advance the quality of education in the field of forestry entrepreneurship through problem-based learning. read more
Q&A with Norman Dlamini, Forestry South Africa (FSA) Director: Business Unit
3 June, 2021
FOREST21 is the shorthand for a collaborative project between South Africa, Finland and Norway titled "the 21st Century Climate-Smart Forestry Education for Livelihoods and Sustainability in South Africa". The FOREST21 initiative is a capacity-building project in the area of higher education. read more