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September : New Wood-Mizer Products Presentations - Live

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9 September, 2020

New Wood-Mizer Products Presentations - Live

We are inviting you to join a series of LIVE presentations from September 17th to October 8th

Every week Wood-Mizer will be transmitting LIVE video from its production plant in Poland. Wood-Mizer will be presenting:

  • September 17th 12:00 - New Wood-Mizer products, hosted by Roman Frontczak - Corporate Research and Development Director
  • September 24th 12:00 - Industrial Line WB2000 Wideband Sawmill with log and board sorting tables + completely new MR200 Double Arbor Multirip hosted by Adam Kubiak - Industrial Sales Manager
  • October 1st 12:00 - Wood-Mizer woodworking line of planers, moulders, and other machines hosted by Mareks Lomako - Online Marketing Specialist 
  • October 8th 12:00 - new affordable Semi-Industrial LT70HEAVYDUTY + log and board sorting tables hosted by Adam Kubiak - Industrial Sales Manager

Wood-Mizer LIVE broadcasts will be streamed on Facebook and YouTube and will consist of 3 parts:

  • Machine presentation 
  • Machine demonstration 
  • Questions and Answers section

Make sure that you tune in LIVE so that your questions can be answered by our experts. For your convenience, broadcasts will be recorded and available for replay on YouTube any time later.

New Wood-Mizer Products Presentations - Live

The first live presentation is planned for September 17th at 12:00. Your host Roman Frontczak will present Wood-Mizer's newest sawmills: 

  • LT15MOBILE - a new addition to very popular LT15 series lineup PREMIERE  
  • LT40WIDE - a new wider model of the most popular Wood-Mizer sawmill PREMIERE
  • LX250 -  Extra-Wide Twin Rail Sawmill PREMIERE  
  • MB200 SlabMizer -SlabMizer - all-new Slab Flattening Mill for wide Slabs, Burls and Boards PREMIERE
  • HR250 - Compact Twin Blade Horizontal Resaw with Digital Setworks

New Wood-Mizer Products Presentations - Live


Click on the link below to go to YouTube and set up a reminder for our LIVE
broadcast about NEW Wood-Mizer equipment on September 17th at 12:00.

  New Wood-Mizer Products Presentations - Live

Source: Wood-Mizer Southern Africa