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2016 : November

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Giant rats could help fight wildlife smuggling in Africa
30 November, 2016
Smugglers of pangolins, elephant tusks and rhino horn, meet your match: the sniffing rats. Conservationists in Tanzania are training the rodents to smell trafficked animal parts and illegal timber in shipments from Africa to Asia. The fledgling program aims to harness rats' keen sense of smell to combat... read more
Trump may test Canada's timber
28 November, 2016
A Donald Trump administration, combined with a Republican-controlled Senate and House of Representatives, could have reverberations that will be felt by the Canadian economy for years. Source: CTV News One of the first trade irritants that could test US-Canadian relations is softwood lumber. read more
Presentation of curriculum for final verification with stakeholders : Logging plant operator
23 November, 2016
The qualification, curriculum and assessment specifications for the Logging Plant Operator and the assessment specifications documents are submitted for finale verification with stakeholders. read more
National Minimum Wage Negotiation Developments
23 November, 2016
The release of the National Economic Development and Labour Council (Nedlac) advisory panel report, which includes a proposed monthly minimum wage of R3,500, has elicited a mixed reaction from trade unions and political parties. read more
1st Announcement: 7th Forest Science Symposium 2017
23 November, 2016
1st announcement the 7th Forest Science Symposium, which will take place from 18-20 July 2017. This event will showcase the depth and breadth of forestry research across southern Africa, and aims to provide a unique opportunity for the southern African forest research community... read more
Is it possible to pay less for the same power?
22 November, 2016
Many of us are conditioned to believe that saving energy is the only way to save money - Not true! While using less energy may have an impact, the resultant savings can be difficult to measure and quantify. Furthermore, electricity bills include fixed costs, meaning any successful energy saving initiatives... read more
International Woodfiber Resource and Trade Conference
2 November, 2016
International Woodfibre Resource and Trade Conference
Announcing the International Woodfiber Resource and Trade Conference at the Furama Resort, Da Nang, Vietnam. On the program we have the Conference on from February 13-15, 2017 and from February 16-17, 2017 a Field Trip.
read more
Forest Enterprise Simulator
2 November, 2016
The "Forestry Enterprise Simulator" (ForEntSim) project is joint initiative by the Department of Forest and Wood Science at Stellenbosch University, the Institute for Commercial Forestry Research (ICFR) and Forest Economic Service (FES). The aim is to provide a tool with which the feasibility... read more
Uganda Timber Growers Association Newsletter
2 November, 2016
Uganda Timber Growers Association - with the support of The Government of Norway - Newsletter Issue No 45. read more
Agri SA Comments on the Preservation and Development of Agricultural Land Bill
2 November, 2016
The protection of agricultural land, especially high potential agricultural land, is of crucial importance. Agri SA has been advocating for the protection of agricultural land for decades. Many competing land uses such as residential developments and mining are making serious inroads... read more