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2016 : August

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Saving the Rhinos with Outdoor Power Products
31 August, 2016
A rhino-dehorning campaign, using Husqvarna outdoor power products, is proving highly successful in South Africa. In KwaZulu-Natal, the practice is gaining momentum, with increasing numbers of private game reserves voting for this option in a bid to save their rhinos from poachers. read more
Forest Finance and Valuation: What every forester should know
31 August, 2016
University of Stellenbosch
Professionals involved in the financial aspects of forestry and land management operations should attend. On the completion of the course participants will be able to analyses and understand financial decisions and valuations related to forestry. read more
AGFO Expo Entertainment
30 August, 2016
AGFO Expo 2016
Join us for a good laugh and lang-arm at the AGFO Imbizo with irreverent, toe tapping musiek that smells, tastes and sounds like the veld, the air and the ryhthm of windmills on the dusty landscape. read more
IUFRO President meets with international forestry students
30 August, 2016
International Forestry Students Association (IFSA) held their annual International Forestry Students Symposium (IFSS) in Austria from 7-23 August. read more
Precision Forestry Symposium 2017
23 August, 2016
Precision Forestry (PF) 2017 will be the fourth of a series of international symposia aligned to the theme of Precision Forestry and presented by Stellenbosch University in cooperation with the International Union of Forest Research Organisation (IUFRO). read more
Which tablet is right for your forestry business?
23 August, 2016
Friday Offcuts
A Canadian company has recently provided an excellent review of tablet selection for use in the field. The question of which tablet to use out in a rugged environment is a very challenging one to answer. You will likely know the answer after you have used a tablet computer for several months. read more
Centralised National Risk Assessment in Swaziland is underway.
15 August, 2016
FSC Southern Africa has commenced the process of the Centralised National Risk Assessment (CNRA) in Swaziland with Category 3. read more
High-Speed 'Trees' Generate Electricity From Wind
11 August, 2016
Small electromechanical structures that look like trees shaking in a storm could prove to be the next big thing in energy generation. read more
All land claims after ’98 on hold
3 August, 2016
Business Day
ALL land restitution claims made after December 1998 have been put on hold by the Constitutional Court, after the court found that Parliament did not properly consult the public before deciding to reopen the window for claims. read more
Forestry’s industrial revolution has job-creation potential
3 August, 2016
At a recent media briefing, Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe stuck to his guns and refused to revise the gross domestic product (GDP) growth targets of 5.4 percent set out in the National Development Plan (NDP), despite the backdrop of stagnant economic growth since the 2008 financial crisis. read more
Memorandum on the potential legal liability of Agri SA members serving on District Land Reform Committees (DLRCs)
3 August, 2016
Although the DLRCs are loosely based on the NDP, the actual implementation has veered very substantially from that envisioned by the NDP. The NDP is furthermore not a piece of legislation but merely a framework policy document which broadly sets out the goals for the DLRCs without going into too much detail. read more
Wattle Rust is Back
2 August, 2016
Sunshine Seedling Services
All wattle farmers should be aware of this problem once again. read more
Forestry industry looks forward to exciting times
2 August, 2016
Forestry company Sappi says despite the gloomy economic times worldwide, it can still sustain jobs. The company owns almost 300 000 hectares of land countrywide and manages 100 000 hectares from contractors. Over 400 000 people are employed by Sappi in South Africa. read more
Draft Genus Exchange Regulations Suspended (and unlikely to be re-introduced)
2 August, 2016
A message from Mike Peter regarding the meeting that FSA had with various parties on Friday 15th July to discuss the impasse over the genus exchange issue.  The news for the Industry is excellent in the DWS agreed to suspend, with immediate effect, their genus exchange regulations. read more
Invitation: ICFR/SAIF Seminars
2 August, 2016
Invitation to join us for two excellent seminars coming up in August that promise to generate much discussion and interest! These events are jointly hosted by the ICFR and the KZN branch of the SAIF and all are welcome to attend. read more
9th International Woodfiber Resource and Trade Conference
2 August, 2016
Int Woodfibre Resources & Trade Conference
The International Woodfiber Resource & Trade Conference, has a program full of high level speakers from around the world. Known by many as "The Woodchip Conference," this unique conference is the only one that focuses on the international trade in woodchips and biomass.. read more