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October : Lonza – Tried, Tested and Trusted

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30 October, 2019

Lonza - Tried, Tested and Trusted


Lonza's management team represents a combined 75 years of industry expertise. (from left to right) Martin Reddy (Environmental Health & Safety Manager); Kesun Govender (Operations Manager); Denise Conradie (Quality Assurance and Technical Manager); JJ du Plessis (Senior Business Manager) and Ross Skorpen (Financial Manager).

For over 80 years, Lonza Wood Protection has been pioneering and developing customer and market focused preservative and fire-retardant protection technologies for timber.

"When you have global credibility of this scale, the bar is set high for local success. And Lonza Wood Protection South Africa has earned its stripes, not just by leveraging a recognized brand, but through the long list of successful quality projects it has under its belt," says JJ du Plessis, Senior Business Manager of Lonza Wood Protection South Africa.  

"Like all organisations that have been around for decades, the passage of time is accompanied by personnel changes, but our core philosophy and commitment to our customers and to elevating the Lonza brand remains the same. This commitment is reflected through tried, tested and trusted products and exceptional customer service.

"Lonza's products speak for themselves and our service and continuous to be backed by a devoted management team. This team has outstanding technical and engineering capabilities, and we remain a repository of knowledge and expertise. We also maintain a robust technical data base of research and development. In addition, we often network with our Technical Centres around the globe to ensure that we remain abreast of changing global trends and developments. But most importantly, our passion for the industry stands out in the day-to-day business operations," explains du Plessis.

The management team is made up of familiar faces who represent a combined 75 years of expertise. Operations Manager, Kesun Govender; Financial Manager, Ross Skorpen; Quality Assurance and Technical Manager, Denise Conradie, Senior Business Manager, JJ du Plessis and Environmental Health & Safety Manager, Martin Reddy, have all played a pivotal role in Lonza South Africa's journey to date.

"Our team has always, and will always, authentically promote Lonza products and services through a depth of expertise that heightens Lonza's eminence in the marketplace," concludes du Plessis.

Source: Lonza