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Friday, October 23, 2020

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October : Liebherr provides new solutions for efficient tree care and the timber industry

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2 September, 2020

Liebherr provides new solutions for efficient tree care and the timber industry

 Liebherr provides new solutions for efficient tree care and the timber industry

A greater reach for tree care and the timber industry: Liebherr presents new equipment combinations.

Various equipment combinations make a greater reach possible. Depending on the operating requirement and reach, Liebherr material handlers ranging from the LH 22 M to the LH 35 Industry Litronic can be combined with different equipment versions and attachments. Other optional equipment such as the driver's cab with hydraulic height adjustment and tiltable function (in 30° increments), as well as the Liebherr LIKUFIX quick coupler system, round off the comprehensive package.

Working with high trees and thick branches poses a particular challenge in tree care and the timber industry. Here Liebherr now offers a new equipment combination: The Westtech telescopic stage T 4000 equipped with the fully hydraulic Liebherr LIKUFIX quick coupler, a 4 m (13.1 ft) long telescopic stick and the Woodcracker CS510 crane, to give the LH 22 M Industry a reach of up to 16.5 m (54.1 ft). With an operating weight of 23,700 kg (52,250 lb), the material handler can reach far up into the trees and work on them. The hydraulically adjustable driver's cab, which can be tilted in 30° increments, gives the machine operator an optimal view of his working area. Optional protective devices, such as robust protective guards on the driver's cab and impact-resistant windows made of laminated safety glass, provide additional protection in forestry work thus increasing the occupational safety of the machine operator.

In order to reach trees and bushes that are far away, Liebherr offers the new equipment combination of a Liebherr stick extension and Westtech Woodcracker C250 with a lightweight cutting tool. In this combination the LH 22 M Industry, with the 2.25 m (7.4 ft) long stick extension, has a reach of up to 13.8 m (45.3 ft) and an operating weight of around 24,100 kg (53,130 lb). Complemented by the optional LIKUFIX quick coupler this equipment version enables a quick change between tools and attachments such as a milling machine, mulcher or trench clearing bucket for clearing channels after pruning.

The LH 22 M Industry when combined with a Westtech Woodcracker C350 is designed for work in the immediate area. With this equipment version a reach of up to 11.8 m (38.7 ft) is possible with an operating weight of approximately 23,900 kg (52,690 lb). In addition, larger and heavier cutting tools can be easily attached to the Liebherr stick with tipping kinematics. The support geometry of the machine offers maximum occupational safety and stability, especially when working with heavy tree trunks. The fully hydraulic LIKUFIX quick coupler system also allows a fast, safe, precise and comfortable change of the tool or attachment from the driver's cab. This way the Liebherr material handler is quickly equipped with a sorting or timber grab and can be used for other applications such as loading containers and trucks.

Source: LoggingON
Original Source: Liebherr