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September : Komatiland Forests / SAFCOL hands over Beketelani Primary School Timber Structure Classrooms

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26 September, 2011

Komatiland Forests / SAFCOL hands over Beketelani Primary School Timber Structure Classrooms

Komatiland Forests / SAFCOL is strongly committed to its vision of "being a global business engaged in multi-functional forestry, revolutionising the integration of forests and communities." The Group has therefore invested, over the years, in developing and empowering the communities living adjacent to our plantations by implementing needs driven interventions. 

At the commencement of the 2011/12 financial year the company embarked on promoting timber infrastructures within communities as alternative forms of structures. Three timber structure classrooms were therefore erected at the Beketelani Primary School in one of our social clusters, Blairmore. The Mpumalanga Department of Education was consulted with regard to the introduction of timber structure classrooms at the school and they agreed to the proposal. They expressed keen interest in the completion and opening of the first timber structure classrooms. Timber frame structures have various benefits, which include speed of construction owing to the lightweight properties of timber. The quality of product used when compared to cost of traditional building with bricks is also very good as all timber is pre-treated to make it suitable for building. Timber structures also have high insulation properties making cost of heating and cooling during the different seasons low and affordable. Timber is furthermore apt for building purposes as it is sustainable and renewable, making it a resource which imposes a low environmental impact.

The timber infrastructure at Beketelani Primary School is the first of its kind for the Group's Socio -economic development department and a historical event for both the company and community of Blairmore. To commemorate this, we will be hosting a handover ceremony where we will officially open the structures for use. In attendance we anticipate to have the Honourable Deputy Minister of Public Enterprises, Mr Benedict Martins and the MEC of the Department of Education, Mrs Reginah Mhaule who will join us in celebration of this accomplishment.

Representatives of all the newspaper companies, TV channels and freelance journalists are cordially invited to make this event a successful one. We request the presence of the media as we hope to showcase and convey to the greater public of South Africa the various benefits of building with South African produced pine timber structures.

The event will be hosted by Komatiland Forests on Thursday, 22 September 2011 at Beketelani Primary School in Nerston, Mpumalanga at 10:00am. Your presence would be highly appreciated.