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February : KAP sani2c – a world class event with a social conscience

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29 February, 2016

KAP sani2c - a world class event with a social conscience

KAP Industrial Holdings Limited, a JSE listed company, is proud to announce a B-BBEE partnership with sani2c mountain bike event, and hereby introduces the KAP sani2c.

sani2c was started 12 years ago in order to raise funds for a school in the KwaZulu-Natal midlands, and is now rated as the largest staged mountain bike event in the world.  The race is a premier event on the South African sporting calendar drawing 4 500 competitors annually from around the world and covers a route of 260km from the foothills of the Drakensberg to the sea.

KAP has had a longstanding involvement with sani2c through its PG Bison timber operations in the KwaZulu-Natal region. As sani2c has grown into a world class event, so too has KAP grown into a leading South African industrial company, thereby enabling it to increase its involvement in this event.

"A key consideration in our decision to partner with sani2c, is the strong social upliftment objectives of the event," explains Gary Chaplin, CEO of KAP.  sani2c employs people from 12 communities along the route to assist in the organisation of the event, and contributes to various schools, charities and environmental groups in the region. This results in more than R9m per annum being injected directly into the communities along the route and a further R48m (SA Tourism) estimated to be spent in the region as a result of the event.  "It is fantastic to be involved in a world class event of this nature with such a strong social conscience, it really aligns with our culture," concludes Chaplin.

Event founder, Farmer Glen is excited about the new partnership and had these comments. "We have had a very long term indirect relationship with KAP, initially through the PG Bison brand. Fittingly it was the PG Bison floating bridge, which initiated our relationship. This innovative first of a kind structure has become a world recognizable feature of sani2c. Now some 12 years later we are again innovatively bridging the gap by further supporting the sani2c communities through our CSI and B-BBEE partnership with KAP and its brands."

"Over the 12 years our relationship with KAP through its brands has grown to where we see it today. Unknowingly we purchased over 6000 mattresses for the event from KAP's Vitafoam brand in the early years!"

"We at sani2c look forward to this exciting new venture with KAP where all parties will benefit. None more so than the KAP sani2c communities who have worked so hard to position the event to where it stands today." Farmer Glen passionately concluded.

KAP sani2c takes place from 10 to 14 May 2016.

KAP Industrial Holdings Limited is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and incorporates the following brands; Unitrans, Greyhound, Citiliner, Megabus, PG Bison, Formica, Corian, Hosaf, Feltex,  Restonic, Vitafoam and DesleeMattex. The company operates in 12 African countries, owning and operating 34 manufacturing sites, 3500 specialist logistics vehicles and 1250 passenger transport vehicles. KAP employs 18 400 people and has a level 4 B-BBEE rating.

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