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March : Invitation to SDF workshops

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8 March, 2012

SDF Information workshops - 26 - 30 March 2012.

The FP&M SETA cordially invites representatives of your company / organisation involved in skills development implementation to information workshops to inform you of new developments in the skills development arena (including career guidance) and to update you on activities pertaining to the FP&M SETA.

Topics for discussion will include:
  • The new grant regulations and the implications thereof on the WSP/ATR/PTR submission process.
  • Presentation on the WSP/ATR/PTR format for 2012/13 (due for submission on 30 June 2012) 
  • Scarce and critical skills and career pathing in the FP&M sector 
  • ETQA developments 

Download the original word document with workshop times and locations: Invitation - SDF Workshops