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November : Invitation to attend the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) COP 17 side event.

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8 November, 2011

30 November    

12:00 - 14:00  

Side Event 1    
Successful Approaches by the Sector Agriculture, Forestry &
Fisheries to increase Climate Resilience in South Africa
1 December
12:00 - 14:00 Side Event 2
Sustainable Production Systems
5 December 15:00 - 17:00   Side Event 3
Climate change-influenced Impacts on Fish and Fisheries Livelihoods

The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) cordially invites you to attend the following side events hosted by the Department during COP 17 (28 Nov. - 9 Dec. 2011):

  • 30 November 12:00-14:00 Side Event 1: Successful Approaches by the Sector Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to Increase Climate Resilience in South Africa.
    Topics to be addressed are: The atlas of climate change and the South African agricultural sector: A 2010 perspective; Development of a GHG emission database for the agricultural sector of South Africa; Land degradation assessment of dryland areas in South Africa and sustainable land management practices; Integrating rural communities into sustainable utilization and management of natural resources: A case study in the Eastern Cape Province on the rehabilitation of coastal forest; 100 years of forestry and sustainable forest management in South Africa; Nguni cattle as future breed to meet global warming challenges; and Area-wide IPM using the sterile insect technique: A precision tool promoting climate smart agriculture;

  • 1 December 12:00-14:00 Side Event 2: Sustainable production systems.
    Topics to be addressed are: CA in South Africa: Current perspective and action research, learning and education with farmers expediting adaptation to climate change; Conservation agriculture: A pro-active strategy to mitigate global warming and climate change in cropland agriculture; Water harvesting technology; Farmers' experiences in adoption of CA and derived benefits that serve as mitigation and adaptation practices; CA and LandCare mainstreaming approaches by the national and provincial sphere in advancing climate smart conservation agriculture; Climate smart organic farming and food and water security; and Ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change: Applications to rangeland-based production systems in South Africa; 

  • 5 December 15:00-17:00 Side Event 3: Climate change-Influenced Impacts on Fish and fisheries Livelihoods, to be announced.

  • Venue: Jacket Plum Tree (45 pax) Networking Marque, Climate Change Response (CCR) Expo, Durban Priority Zone, 77 Monty Naicker St (previously Pine St), ICC, Durban.

Please note that topics to be addressed are subject to change.

The objectives of these Side Eventsare to showcase DAFF's climate change-related successes, experience and expertise;to promote sustainable and resilient terrestrial, marine and aquatic ecosystems; to increase the sector's climate resilience; to network with national and international climate change experts and the public at large, notably during lunch at 14:00; to promote sustainable food, feed, fodder and timber/energy production; to promote sustainable livelihoods; and to enhance climate change understanding.

Each of the three Side Event themes will be elucidated by five or six presentations by South African experts who successfully completed climate change-related projects in partnership with DAFF or by DAFF experts. The programme will allow time for discussions.

As each side event can be attended by a maximum of 40 participants, you are cordially requested to complete and to submit the reply form attached nolater than Monday 14 November 2011. Pre-registration to attend the side event/s of your choice is, unfortunately,the only way to guarantee a seat.

General information:

  • CCR Expo (side events and exhibitions) can be visited daily from 10:00 to 18:00;
  • Daily visitors will be registered and will not need accreditation. As a daily visitor you will receive a colour-coded wrist band on registration at the CCR Expo registration desk for that specific day. Your ID book/passport will be required during registration for security purposes;
  • No registration fee will be charged;
  • Please note that CCR Expo registered/accredited persons will not have access to the United Nations (UN) ICC precinct;
  • UN accredited persons will, however, have access to the CCR Expo and this will provide the opportunity to network and to exchange expertise;
  • The ICC area will be cordoned off and will be a vehicle-free zone during COP 17.
  • The DAFF COP 17 Task Team, unfortunately, cannot assist you with travel and accommodation arrangements and is unable to financially support side event participants.

The DAFF COP 17 Side Event Task Team is looking forward to your highly regarded participation in our Side Events and to your pre-registration as side event participant.

Yours sincerely
DAFF COP 17 Side Event Task Team


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