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October : Invitation to attend - SIMA 2017 in France

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9 October, 2016

SIMA 2017

Following a meeting between Mike Peter and representatives of the French Trade Commission, the latter have invited members of the South African Forestry Industry to attend SIMA 2017.  This is a huge agricultural / forestry expo which is to be held in Paris between 26th Feb and 2nd March 2017.

Please refer below to the letter sent to Mike by Alexandre Lasserre of the French Trade Commission which gives details of the expo.

Should any members wish to attend the expo, please contact the French Trade Commission directly.


Dear Mike,

Thank you for receiving us yesterday, we were pleased to meet you.

I did an extraction of the companies that participated at the SIMA in 2015 (every 2 years) in order for you to have an overview of the type of exhibitors in the forestry industry that you could find in the next edition. Among them, 12 are coming from France and the rest from Europe.

It seems that most of the companies are small to medium size and could be interested for the private forest farmers. I attached the list with company names, country and website in order for you to do the market intelligence and whether you would think there is a potential interest.

You will also see attached the electronic version of the SIMA brochure and the guidelines for the student project (It would be great whether you could forward it to the universities that you are in contact with. Whether you would prefer me to do it, do not hesitate to send me the contacts).

The first paragraph describes the SIMA show that you could use for multiple purposes :

The next   SIMA - International Agri-Business Show -  will take place from the 26th of February to the 2nd of March 2017 in Paris (France).

With 1,700 business exhibitors and almost 250,000 visitors, the five-day SIMA show will be the benchmark international event for agricultural professionals, who will discover a comprehensive range of products to meet the needs of farms of all kinds, all sizes and all types of agriculture. It covers 13 exhibition sectors :

  • Traction, soil tillage, harvesting equipment, services
  • Pro equipment for green spaces
  • Irrigation
  • Rural and forest area, wood energy
  • Services and institutions
  • Plant protection
  • Equipment for tropical and special crops
  • Crops, harvesting, storage, packaging of beets, potato, fruit & vegetable
  • Handling, transport
  • Biogas
  • Milking and breeding equipment
  • Storage buildings
  • Spare parts and components, precision farming, services

SIMA meets all your needs: whether you own a small or a large operation; you are a farmer, rancher or producer; whether you are French or you come from abroad!

The exhibition is becoming increasingly international, with 38% of foreign exhibitors at the show for the first time in 2015.

SIMA is strengthening due to sectors showing strong progress such as: traction, soil labor, potatoes, beet, parts and components, handling, trailer, livestock equipment, milking equipment.

"SIMA has always been part of a tradition of DYNAMISM, with a show that is even bigger in 2017, and INNOVATION, which is the keyword for the next event," explains Martine Degremont, the show's director. "

The paragraph below describes the student project that can be forwarded to students and universities with the guideline paper :

I am in charge of a project for the Paris International Agribusiness Show (SIMA) that will take place in France from the 26th of February until the 2nd of March 2017. I also sent this message to some of your colleagues.

For the second time this year, they are organizing a contest within engineering schools through the world so they can give their vision of what is "Being a farmer in 10 years".

We are hoping students from various South African Universities to participate.

That vision will be presented at the show in the Future-oriented space: What does tomorrow hold? and will contribute more broadly to our theme Innovation First! by SIMA. Please find attached the full presentation of the contest.

Could you diffuse this message to your students in order for them to participate?

"Good day,

With 1,700 business exhibitors and nearly 250,000 visitors, the five-day SIMA show is a benchmark international event for agricultural professionals; it offers professional visitors a chance to discover a comprehensive range of products designed to meet the needs of farms of all kinds and all sizes, practicing all types of agriculture.

The next SIMA show will be held on the 26th of February until the 2nd of March 2017.

SIMA is calling on you, future graduates of engineering schools, to provide your vision of tomorrow's agriculture. You may choose from among four projects:

  • Project No 1: Farming jobs in a digital age
  • Project No 2: Robotics tomorrow, a driverless tractor?
  • Project No 3: The search for a new economic model
  • Project No 4: Genomics : plant and animal breeding in a Big Data era

Why participate?
In order to support your institution's image at an event of international scope and to promote your know-how to industry professionals.

That vision will be presented at the show in the Future-oriented space: What does tomorrow hold? and will contribute more broadly to our theme Innovation First! by SIMA.

How to participate ?
You must find a supervising teacher and fill in the participation form before the 15th of September to the following email address:                          

A project brief must be submitted to myself as of 15th October 2016 to give SIMA a general idea of the approach selected by each institution and the deliverable that will be supplied.

Please find all the information attached.

Be forward thinking!"
I look forward to hearing from you,
Do not hesitate to contact me for further question;

Kind regards,
Mr. Alexandre LASSERRE
Trade development adviser
Agriculture & Food industries Department

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P.O. Box 651 048 - Benmore 2010

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