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August : 9th International Woodfiber Resource and Trade Conference

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2 August, 2016

With about 7 months until the International Woodfiber Resource and Trade Conference, I am excited to announce a program full of high level speakers from around the world. The event will take place from February 13-15 at the Furama Resort in Da Nang, Vietnam. Known by many long-term attendees as "The Woodchip Conference," this unique conference is the only one that focuses on the international trade in woodchips and biomass, covering the entire supply chain from plantation forest through ocean transport and to overseas end-users. The past several conferences (Savannah in 2015, Chile in 2014, Turkey in 2013 and Singapore in 2011) attracted professionals who are actively involved in this trade from more than 30 different countries.

The 2-day event will include the following topics:

  • Outlook for the International Pulp Markets - Global Overview of Demand for Wood Pulp, and Trends in Chinese Production
  • Global Investment in Pulpwood Plantations
  • Japan Woodchip Market and Outlook
  • China Woodchip Market and Outlook
  • Other Woodchip Markets for Pulp Production: India, Korea, Taiwan
  • Australia & New Zealand: Export Woodchip Supply and Outlook
  • North America: Export Woodchip Supply and Outlook
  • Africa: Export Woodchip Supply and Outlook
  • Vietnam: Export Woodchip Supply and Outlook
  • Latin America: Export Woodchip Supply and Outlook
  • Outlook or Woodfiber Supply in Indonesia
  • Outlook for Global Biomass Markets
  • Turkey: Woodchip Market and Outlook
  • European Pulpwood Import Markets
  • Ocean Transport for Woodchips: From the Perspective of a Woodchip Supplier
  • Port Logistics for Woodchips and Biomass
  • International Pulpwood & Biomass Price Trends and Outlook
  • Pulpwood Fibre Characteristics of Various Hardwood Species
  • Panel Discussion: Improving Woodchip Quality
  • Outlook for Biomass Markets in Asia
  • New Projects Panel

As with past conferences, we will also be offering a 2-day field trip following the conference. More information and registration is available on RISI's website at