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March : Incentive to host Saasveld students for their experimental (practial) training

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3 March, 2014

Incentive to host Saasveld students for their experimental (practial) training

Incentive now offered to assist members in hosting Saasveld students for their experimental (practical) training & request to volunteer to do so.

As members are aware, Saasveld students are placed with employers within the Industry for the period April to December during their second year of studies. During the current economic downturn, Saasveld has found it increasingly difficult to place these students with employers as fewer employers have been willing (or able) to do so for cost reasons.  There is now some good news.


I am extremely pleased to be able to report that Saasveld has secured funding from the FP&M SETA which will act as a great incentive for prospective employers to host students.  The basic details of this incentive are as follows:

  • The SETA will provide R3 000 per month per student for each of the 9 months of the practical training period to Saasveld.
  • This funding will be administered by Saasveld.
  • On receipt of a monthly logbook signed by the host employer, Saasveld will pay over to the student a monthly stipend of R3 000.

The provision of the stipend will obviate the need for the host employer to pay a monthly stipend, thus reducing the cost to the employer of hosting a student.

At the time of writing, Saasveld still needs to place a limited number of students (please see attached).  Should you be in a position to assist with the hosting of these students, please make contact with Tiaan Pool at Saasveld ASAP.


Tiaan can be contacted on
Land line:        (044) 801 5024
Cell:                072 374 2347