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October : How to get good quality timber

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16 October, 2017

How to get good quality timber

How to get good quality timber


If I were building a two-bedroom house, how many pieces of timber would I need?

The number of pieces you need for roofing a two-bedroom house will depend on the house's roof, design as well as the size. A hipped roof will, for example, take more pieces of timber compared to a gabble roof. Even with a two-bedroom house, you will need different sizes of timber like a 4x2, 4x6 and 3x4 for rafts, beams and palins. However, the house may require, on average, 150 pieces of timber.

Where can I buy quality timber?

Any trusted dealer can supply quality timber. But it is advisable to involve a professional, say an architect or carpenter when buying.

How can I differentiate good timber to use in roofing the house from a bad one?

You will have to check out how the veins run as well as the texture of the timber. These and other factors have to be taken into account so as not to compromise on durable roofing. However, these are questions that someone building a house can ask an architect for professional guidance.

Which are the common trees from which timber in Uganda is got?

Depending on accessibility, cost, purpose and durability, there are many varieties of trees to use. In Uganda, people prefer mahogany for both furniture and timber for roofing, but it is more expensive than timber from a Cyprus tree. In most cases, the choice of timber to use will also depend on the type of roof, design and size of the house.

Source: New Vision