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June : Health and Safety solutions from Skills Train

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28 June, 2016

Health and Safety solutions from Skills Train

For over 26 years, Skills Train has been offering expert tuition in dealing with pivotal workplace and life challenges via multimedia training aids in the form of text, manuals, CD Rom and DVD, as well as courses through our on-line learning programme. In the forestry and timber industries, among the most essential of these resources are Skills Train's Health and Safety training courses, compliance courses and registers.

As machinery gets more advanced and technical, it is more vital than ever to protect your staff and your workplace, by equipping them with the skills, education and knowledge to minimise the likelihood of life-threatening situations in the workplace, and deal effectively with them if they occur.

Outlined below are three of the premium Health and Safety products we offer:

1) Training Courses and health and safety registers: Lifting Tackle Inspection and Legal Compliance Register; Occupational Health & Safety Act & Regulations - 3rd edition 2016; and 2016 Emergency Response Guidebook of Southern Africa

  • Lifting Tackle Inspection and Legal Compliance Register:
    One of the major threats to workplace safety comes in the form of heavy lifting operations, which require a high degree of operator skill, as well as high quality equipment to guard against potentially devastating accidents.  This 108-page guide provides vital information on Lifting Equipment Inspections, product information, inventory and examination and repair, as well as a detailed inspection checklist for 30 items of 12 different types of Lifting Equipment. It tackles all legal requirements in terms of the Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA), the Mine Health & Safety Act (MHSA) and the new 2016 OHSA Driven Machinery Regulations (DMR). 
  • Occupational Health & Safety Act & Regulations - 3rd edition 2016:
    According to South African law, every employer with five or more employees must have a copy of the Act and the relevant regulations readily available at the workplace. Neatly laid out and styled for easy use and reference, this user-friendly format, uncrushable coil-bound book is completely up-to-date and outs the Act at your fingertips. It includes the Driven Machinery Regulations of 2015 and extensive additional changes, particularly regarding the regulation of lifting machinery.

  • 2016 Emergency Response Guidebook of Southern Africa
    A guidebook for first responders during the initial phase of a dangerous goods incident. The law requires that this book be strictly adhered to when dealing with a dangerous goods incident involving fire or spillage occurring on a public road. Compiled from the latest edition of the US DoT Emergency Response Guidebook (updated every four years) it has been meticulously composed to dovetail with the emergency response system employed in Southern Africa and to comply with southern African legislative requirements and conditions. Each copy comes with a user-friendly fully-searchable CD-Rom version making it even faster to find information.

2) Mobile-Friendly Interactive Online Safety & Regulatory Compliance Courses

Skill Train has an updated its entire library of SCORM-conformant online interactive courses so they're accessible over the internet via any mobile device - iPhone, PDA or Android tablet, with any operating system or browser. These courses allow employees to access online training whenever they need to and wherever they are, so there's no reason for them to have to miss out on vital health and safety training. New safety titles include Forklift/Powered Industrial Truck Safety; Forklift Safety: Industrial Counterbalance Lift Trucks; and an updated version of Machine Guard Safety.

3) The Incident Command & Management series

This informative series from provides a wide library related to incident management and the Incident Command System (ICS).
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