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Saturday, July 24, 2021

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June : Green Landscape Symposium

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20 June, 2013

Symposium Green Landscapes - Designing Sustainable Landscapes in an African Context

Green Landscapes, a project of Stellenbosch University, funded by DST/NRF's Global Change Sustainability and Society programme aims at providing land managers and regional planners with a decision support system for optimising ecosystem services‐based land‐use portfolios. Such a system can only be successful if scientists and practitioners can work together in capturing the social, environmental and economic complexities of land use and land use changes.

We invite you to a one day symposium about Green Landscapes to discuss these complexities and to look at how a decision support tool can be used to allow for informed and innovative land use management decisions. The symposium makes provision for colloquial discussion around a number of key topics introduced by invited speakers.

Date: 1st August 2013 - Stellenbosch 

Download the PDF document: Green Landscape symposium announcement

If you are interested in attending please contact:
Cori Ham
Tel: (021) 808 3297

Before 20 July 2013.