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March : Generic Diesel Rebate Logbook

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18 March, 2013


As members are no doubt aware, there has been some confusion regarding what specific information and in which format SARS requires growers to supply them in order for them to comply with the regulations and hence obtain the rebate.  This has led to a situation whereby the large number of disputes have arisen.  To address this SARS is doing the following:

  • making amendments to Section 6 of the Customs and Excise Act retrospectively for two years to accommodate the settling of these disputes;
  • holding a series of Provincial information dissemination sessions on the topic;
  • providing further guidelines for Schedule 6, including a "logbook template" and a guide as to how to use it.

Following a request made by FSA, we have received a draft generic "logbook template" from SARS's Legal and Policy Division which comes in two parts - one dealing with fuel storage and the other with fuel usage.  This is attached so as to assist members in complying with the regulations.

Finally, SARS has expressed its interest in receiving feedback from FSA members on any difficulties experienced in completing the attached logbook and any suggestions that they may have to improve it.  Please send these comments to and I shall collate them and pass onto SARS in due course.

Once the guidelines and logbook have been finalised they will be published on SARS's website (

Download the Excel document: DIESEL LOGBOOK TEMPLATE 2013