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2013 : January

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Invitation to attend FSA's annual 2013 regional meetings
30 January, 2013
Each year in January / February FSA holds a series of "Regional Meetings" in the various forestry regions of the country to which corporate, medium and small timber growers are invited.  Details of the dates, times and venues for this year's meetings are attached. read more
Field trip to Pietermaritzburg, Wed-Friday 30 January - 1 February 2013
28 January, 2013
Field trip to the Pietermaritzburg area this Wed-Friday to look at damage by Gonipterus (Richmond area) as well as what is likely grey weevil (Ellimenistes laesicollis) in wattle. read more
Increased reliance on domestic Eucalyptus fiber by Spanish pulp mills has resulted in a dramatic reduction in wood chip shipments from Uruguay
28 January, 2013
European pulpmills imported much less Eucalyptus chips from Latin America during 2012, mainly because Spanish pulp mills reduced their reliance on relatively costly wood fiber from Uruguay dramatically, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly. Pulp mills in Spain have also paid less for domestic pulplogs the past year, resulting in substantially lower wood fiber costs in 2012 than the previous year.  read more
Forest Industry Training Providers Association Newsletter
18 January, 2013
Forest Industry Training Providers Association
Forest Industry Training Providers Association (FITPA) Newsletter. Issue 4 read more
New SETA Grant Regulations
10 January, 2013
Government Gazette containing the new SETA grant regulations. read more
Global sawlog prices continued to drop in the 3Q/12, with prices in Europe falling more than 13% in 12 months
10 January, 2013
Weaker lumber markets in Europe have reduced demand and prices for sawlogs on the continent this fall. Lower sawlog prices in both Europe and Latin America have resulted in an almost ten percent reduction in the Global Sawlog Price Index (GSPI) over the past 12 months, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly. Log prices in North America have been fairly stable during 2012. read more
BFAP Report Entitled “Farm Sectoral Determination: An Analysis of Agricultural Wages in South Africa
10 January, 2013
The report undertaken by the Bureau for Food and Agricultural Policy (BFAP) following labour unrest in De Doorns last year which was accompanied by demands for a minimum wage of R150.00 per day, in order to "provide the salient factual background that will enable the responsible parties to make well-informed decisions about these weighty matters". read more
Forestry & Forest Product Industry Facts 1980 - 2011
7 January, 2013

The Forestry and Forest Product Industry Facts report which has been updated to include the recently released data as contained in the 2009/10 and 2010/11 editions of DAFF's "Commercial Timber Resources and Primary Roundwood Processing Statistics" publications.

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