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2012 : September

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FP&M SETA AGM Presentations
30 September, 2012
FP&M SETA held their AGM on the 28th September. These were two interesting presentations given on the day. read more
Report back from 40th International Forestry Students Symposium
30 September, 2012
Please find hereunder a report back on the above event which was held in Turkey this year sent to FSA by a very grateful Sikhumbuzo Nxumalo.  Members are reminded that FSA donated R10 000 to both Saasveld and Stellenbosch to help sponsor attendance by South African Forestry students at the event - money well spent. read more
South Korea and Japan will become large importers of pellets and energy chips in the coming decade
26 September, 2012
Both Japan and South Korea intend to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and increasingly rely on renewable energy in the future. As a consequence, both countries will increase their importation of wood pellets and energy chips from other countries in Asia and from North America in the coming years, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly. read more
Focus on Forest Engineering 2012 : "Harvesting and logistics in 2012: Playing by the new rules"
25 September, 2012
Focus on Forest Engineering will take place in White River in the 7th and 8th November 2012. read more
8th Saasveld / SAIF Fire Symposium
25 September, 2012
This event marks the 8th Fire Management Symposium to be hosted by (NMMU) Saasveld and SAIF. One of the aims of this symposium is to share and transfer technical knowledge to fire managers. read more
Wood costs for the world's pulp industry continued downward in the 2Q/12 with the biggest declines in Brazil, Russia, Australia and Europe
25 September, 2012
The costs of wood fiber for many pulp mills throughout the world continued to fall in the 2Q/12 and were at their lowest levels in over a year, according to the Wood Resource Quarterly. The greatest declines were seen in Brazil, Australia, Russia, Spain and US northwest, and Eastern Canada. read more
Invitation to an ICFR Central Regional Field Day
25 September, 2012
In addition to the upcoming ICFR field day we are hosting in the KwaZulu-Natal midlands at Dalton on Wed 3 October, the ICFR is also invites you to a field day in the Central region. This Central Regional Field Day will be held on Thursday 18th October at Ignite Charcoal Factory, near Paulpietersburg. read more
Chile and Brazil have began to supply Eucalyptus chips to Chinese pulp mills; however Japan continues to be the major destination for Latin American wood chips
25 September, 2012
In late 2011, Brazil and Chile sent the first chip vessels to pulp mills in China in over five years. In the past, Japan had been the major destination for Latin American Eucalyptus chips. With Japanese pulp mills paying considerably more than Chinese pulp mills for chips, it is likely that a majority of Eucalyptus chips from Latin America will continue to be shipped to Japan.  read more
UFP / Sunshine Seedlings Field Day
25 September, 2012

United Forest Products & Sunshine Seedlings will be holding a field day on the 19th October 2012 in White River.

read more
The South African Forester 2011
17 September, 2012
The South African Forester 2011
Book Release: The South African Forester 2011. Who are the foresters that care for the plantations producing the timber for our paper and construction needs? Where and when did they study the combination of biological sciences and art that qualified them to become foresters and who were those that pioneered the forest industry of South Africa? Who were the leaders amongst the students and which of the students improved their qualifications in later life? What makes the bond between students so strong? Are there foresters who followed in the footsteps of their fathers and grandfathers and what other familial relationships occur amongst the foresters? Who amongst the foresters have left our shores and are plying their craft as expatriates elsewhere? Where are they? read more
66 Students get bursaries in 2012
17 September, 2012
At the start of the 2012 academic year, 66 students prepared to leave their rural communities for the world of academia and universities. This dream was made possible by a newly established partnership between Mondi and the Rural Education Access Programme (REAP). read more
6th International Woodfibre Resources & Trade Conference
17 September, 2012
We are pleased to provide you with the 3rd Newsletter (attached) for the April 2013 Istanbul Conference on Global Woodfibre Trade, the sixth such Conference since 2005. read more
2012 List of Protected Tree Species
17 September, 2012
Notice of the list of protected tree species under the National Forests Act, 1998 (ACT NO 84 of 1998) read more
FP&M SETA Annual General Meeting - 28 September 2012
4 September, 2012
The Fibre Processing and Manufacturing (FP&M) SETA cordially invites all stakeholders (registered employers, training providers and other organisations active in the sector) to its Annual General Meeting to be held in Johannesburg on Friday, 28 September 2012. read more
Discretionary grant application for the FP&M sector closing date is 14 September 2012
4 September, 2012
The FP&M SETA is inviting applications for discretionary grants from qualifying member companies and other organizations operating within the sub-sectors of the FP&M SETA (clothing, footwear, forestry, furniture, general goods, leather, packaging, printing, print media, publishing, pulp and paper, textiles and wood products). read more
Lumber markets in the US improving with higher demand and increasing prices in the 2Q/12; sawlog price trends mixed
4 September, 2012
Increased demand for lumber in the US and higher exports from Canada to China have resulted in lumber prices being about 35% higher in August of 2012 as compared to August of 2011. Sawlog prices have moved up in Interior BC 2Q/12 y-o-y, while falling in Western US and remaining unchanged in Eastern Canada and the US South, according to WRQ. read more
Field trip to KZN Midlands and Zululand
4 September, 2012
There will be a field trip to KZN Midlands and Zululand from 11-14 September. Please let me know if you would like us to visit your site for any pest / disease problems, or have samples that need to go to the Diagnostic Clinic. read more