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2012 : May

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Agri SA Feedback Report on the Workings of the 6 National Reference Groups
30 May, 2012
The contents of the report are important for all to note, especially those who have been tasked with being the Industry's representatives on the various Reference Groups as it gives not only the status of the work being done by the Groups but, more importantly, the areas upon which there is consensus amongst the parties involved and those areas where there are disagreements.  read more
Komatiland Forests Commitment towards achieving sustainable forest management objectives
25 May, 2012
Komatiland Forests

Komatiland Forests (Pty) Ltd - a wholly owned subsidiary of the South African Forestry Company Limited (SAFCOL) - is developing and promoting, as a corporate priority, a land stewardship ethic amongst employees and other stakeholders. In this regard, one of the main objectives of the company is the sustainable development and optimisation of its assets and land value according to accepted commercial management practices and environmental management principles. 

read more
SAFIRE Baynesfield Classic Mountain Bike event
25 May, 2012
Invitation to SAFIRE Baynesfield Classic Mountain Bike event taking place on the 17th June 2012.  read more
Forest Industry Training Providers Association Newsletter
25 May, 2012
Forest Industry Training Providers Association (FITPA) Newsletter. Volume 3, Issue 2 read more
The Global Forest Industry in the 1Q/2012
25 May, 2012
Excerpts from the Wood Resource Quarterly read more
6th International Woodfibre Resources and Trade Conference
10 May, 2012
This will be the first time the Conference will be held in the Northern Hemisphere, and the first time the Conference has taken place in a woodfibre importing country.  While the Conference as always will still focus on the import trends in north Asia and the outlook for chip supply to the Pacific markets, a larger number of European-based delegates are anticipated to attend.  Field trips to wood based panel operations and a woodchip import port, and to short rotation tree energy crops will complement earlier field trips to largely pulpwood-based plantations, and woodchip export facilities.   read more
Pacific Rim Woodchip Trade Supply and Demand Trends - A Focus on Australia and its Competitors
9 May, 2012
We have invited industry leaders and professionals to address some of the most important issues impacting on the Australian pulpwood plantation industry and its associated woodchip trade, today and into the future.  read more
Invitation to First FSC Forum in South Africa
8 May, 2012
Join FSC International and FSC South Africa at our first ever Forum in Johannesburg, South Africa. Do not miss the opportunity to meet and engage with the Director General of FSC, Andre de Freitas.   read more