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2012 : March

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Draft concept document i.t.o. land restitution issued by Dept. Land Reform & Rural Development
29 March, 2012
The draft “concept” document which will form the basis of discussions at a workshop/s that the Department of Land Reform & Rural Development plans to hold with organised agriculture.   read more
Amended Labour Bills & Consultation Sessions
29 March, 2012
Following the Gazetting of four labour related bills in December 2010, FSA circulated to members its comments thereon which were subsequently forwarded to the Department of Labour for consideration - one of 329 received. Our submission was apparently similar to others made by organised industry/ business structures in that we felt that the Bills, if passed in the original form, would have a huge negative impact on employment in the country. The Bills in question were the following: read more
Global Tree Farm Review
26 March, 2012
Our history in researching and analysing timberland investment economics data over the last 15 years, has enabled us to not only provide detailed data in this Review for 104 case studies in 51 countries as at Quarter 4 2011 and to assess timberland investment attractiveness ratings and rankings for 51 countries; but also to identify and report on the changing emphasis and attractiveness of timberland investing over time, by country, species and regime. read more
ICFR seminar: Is climate change happening?
19 March, 2012
The Institute for Commercial Forestry Research invites you to the next series of Occasional Seminars entitled: Is climate change happening? An empirical analysis of observed climate changes in KwaZulu-Natal applied to the forestry context. read more
Annual Meeting of the TPCP and the DST/NRF CTHB
16 March, 2012
The programme for the 2012 Annual Meeting of the Tree Protection Co-Operative Programme (TPCP) and the DST/NRF Centre of Excellence in Tree Health Biotechnology (CTHB) to be hosted at FABI at the University of Pretoria on 7-10 May 2012. read more
Timber Theft
16 March, 2012
Pieter Knipschild
Stakeholders in the timber industry benefited in attending the general meeting presented by the Lowveld Timber Theft Committee in Sabie.  The general meeting was intended to inform stakeholders of the progress made on the formulation and implementation of a strategy to drastically reduce timber theft in the region.  read more
Eucalyptus and pine log prices in Brazil close to all-time highs in the 4Q 2011
12 March, 2012
Wood costs for pulp mills and sawmills in Brazil have gone up over the past few years, reaching their highest levels in over 20 years in 2011, according to the Wood Resource Quarterly. However, towards the end of the year, Eucalyptus and pine log prices fell, mainly because of the strengthening US dollar. read more
5th Forest Science Symposium
8 March, 2012
Since the inaugural event, held in 2005, the Forest Science Symposium has strived for and succeeded in providing a unique opportunity for the southern African forest research community (i.e. researchers and interested research technicians, area and regional managers and silvicultural managers) to interact and share knowledge around the work being carried out across the country. read more
Invitation to SDF workshops
8 March, 2012
The FP&M SETA cordially invites representatives of your company / organisation involved in skills development implementation to information workshops to inform you of new developments in the skills development arena (including career guidance) and to update you on activities pertaining to the FP&M SETA. read more
Progress report on biological control of Leptocybe
6 March, 2012
Feedback on the biological control for the Eucalyptus gall wasp, Leptocybe invasa.  read more
Register now for WoodEX for Africa Conference
2 March, 2012
WoodEX for Africa Conference: Specifically researched and designed for the timber industry by the timber industry! The first of conference of its kind in Africa! read more
Global sawlog prices fell in late 2011, especially in lumber export-oriented countries
2 March, 2012
Weakening lumber markets in Asia and Europe reduced demand for sawlogs in many countries late last year. As a result, log prices in a number of the major lumber-producing countries in the world fell during the second half of 2011, according to the market report the Wood Resource Quarterly.  read more