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2012 : April

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Alternatives to Eucalyptus for Pole Production
30 April, 2012
Sunshine Seedlings
There has been much speculation about Eucalyptus grandis being the best specie for pole production.  In recent years there have been Eucalyptus crosses made that would appear to be better for poles than the straight E. grandis, but pole treatment plants have been reluctant to take them. read more
FSA Tenth Annual General Meeting
30 April, 2012
Notice is hereby given that the 10th Annual General Meeting of Forestry South Africa will be held on Thursday 17th May 2012 at Fern Hill Hotel and Conference Centre, Tweedie. read more
Agri SA Memo Regarding Consultation Process on Green Paper on Land Reform
24 April, 2012
An insight into Agri SA's thoughts on various issues and report backs on the workings of the 6 Working Groups that have been established in terms of the  consultation process. read more
Agri SA Media Release regarding 2 labour amendment bills sent to Parliament for debate
20 April, 2012
Despite pressure from the Minister of Labour for Nedlac to reach agreement on the contents of 4 Labour Bills by the end of last year, this did not occur.  What is highly concerning is that before the Nedlac process was concluded, the Minister by-passed Nedlac and tabled them before Cabinet for approval - which they duly did.  They are now to go to Parliament.  read more
Invitation to an ICFR Mpumalanga Regional Field Day - Sabie area
18 April, 2012
The ICFR is planning another of its field days - this time in the Mpumalanga Region, and the event will be held at Sabie on Thursday 24th May, at the Sabie Country Club. read more
AARTO: Risk Assessment & Training Course
18 April, 2012
AARTO is going to have major implications for the way businesses operate.  In the realisation that many members do not know the full extent of these implications, FSA strongly encourages members to take advantage of training and other opportunities to learn more about these.  In terms of this please see the information below to assist you. The first deals with risk assessment and the second a training course. read more
Invitation to symposium & workshop focussing on baboon damage – 23rd and 24th April
16 April, 2012

Details of these two events which are going to be held on two consecutive days in Mpumalanga next week. 

read more
Global sawlog prices fell in late 2011, especially in lumber export-oriented countries.
13 April, 2012
Weakening lumber markets in Asia and Europe reduced demand for sawlogs in many countries late last year. As a result, log prices in a number of the major lumber-producing countries in the world fell during the second half of 2011, according to the market report the Wood Resource Quarterly.  read more
Wood pellet exports from the US and Canada to Europe reached a record high in the 4Q/11.
11 April, 2012
Exports of wood pellets from North America to Europe reached a record of over two million tons in 2011, according to analysis reported in the North American Wood Fiber Review. Canada has long been the main exporter of pellets but in the second half of 2011, the US caught up and exported an equal volume to Canada. read more
WoodEX Conference & Expo Feedback
6 April, 2012
The first WoodEX for Africa Exhibition and Conference, held at Gallagher Convention Centre last week, was received with great enthusiasm amoungst exhibitors, conference delegates and visitors. read more
Wood chip exports from Latin America reached a record high in 2011, with pulp mills in Japan and Europe being the major export destinations
6 April, 2012
Global trade of wood chips has gone up substantially the past two years. Hardwood chip export from Chile, Uruguay and Brail was up 43 percent in 2011 compared to 2009, as reported by the Wood Resource Quarterly. A clear majority of the increase was Eucalyptus chips destined for pulp mills in Japan and Europe.  read more
Invitation to research symposium focussing on baboon damage
2 April, 2012
The Institute for Commercial Forestry Research (ICFR) will host a Research Symposium entitled Causes, consequences and solutions to baboon induced damage within commercial plantations in southern Africa on 23 April 2012. read more
Wood chip exports from Australia fell in 2011 to their lowest level in 11 years and Vietnam took over as world’s largest chip exporter
2 April, 2012
Vietnam has taken over Australia as the world's largest supplier of wood chips to pulp mills in Asia. In 2011, Vietnam exported 5.4 million tons, triple that in 2007, as reported in the Wood Resource Quarterly. The good news for wood chip exporters in both Vietnam and Australia has been the steady increase in demand for hardwood chips from China. read more