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2011 : August

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Saw Chain and Guide Bar Maintenance Course
29 August, 2011
A 1-day course on the maintenance practices of the saw chain and guide bar on a harvester head has been developed.  This vital part of the operation is sometimes neglected, leading to a direct loss in productivity and a potential safety hazard. read more
Information on Leptocybe Invasa
29 August, 2011
Following the successful joint ICFR/TPCP field day on awareness around the Eucalypt gall wasp, Leptocybe invasa, held in Zululand earlier this year, the ICFR and TPCP undertook to produce an Information sheet containing current information on this pest. Attached is this document which contains information on the pest, as well as its control and data on host susceptibility. read more
Wasp Pest Could Cause Big Losses for Timber Industry
18 August, 2011
South Africa's timber industry is under threat from a new species of invasive wasp, the blue gum chalcid (Leptocybe irwasa), which preys on eucalyptus. read more
Request for Bronze Bug, Thaumastocoris peregrinus
5 August, 2011
We are in need of large numbers of Thaumastocoris peregrinus (Bronze Bug) adults for rearing of its potential biological control agent, the egg parasitoid Cleruchoides noackae. We are busy with experiments on this parasitoid in the FABI quarantine facility, as part of the process to move towards its release. Thus, it is crucial that we have sufficient Thaumastocoris to maintain the parasitoid colony.
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Screening for resistance to Leptocybe invasa
5 August, 2011
For more information on 'Screening for resistance to Leptocybe invasa' trials. read more
Land Reform: Interesting Articles Appearing In Latest Edition Of The Financial Mail
3 August, 2011
We have compiled in to one document 4 articles and 2 case studies on land reform that appear in the latest edition of the Financial Mail. read more
International Pulpwood Trade Review
1 August, 2011
The International Pulpwood Trade Review has long been the standard for those in the business of international trade of woodchips, pulplogs and biomass fiber. This annual report examines the markets for globally traded pulpwood fiber and the forest resources for domestic and export supply in more than 35 countries. This study also includes data on specialized woodchip carriers, examines the international market for biomass wood fiber and provides projections for the Asian woodchip markets in 2011-2015.
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