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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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June : Forestry South Africa releases Timber Industry Presents... Magazine (TIP-Mag)

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3 June, 2020

Forestry South Africa releases Timber Industry Presents... Magazine (TIP-Mag)

TIP-MAG (Timber Industry Presents Magazine)

Being able to communicate scientific research to an array of stakeholders is crucial if the findings are to be adopted into daily practices that can be rolled out across the forestry landscape. While there are several wonderful peer-review forestry journals, valuable research is still going unpublished as it doesn't fit the peer-review criteria despite the research being of exceptional quality.

The TIP-Mag initiative, instigated by FSA's Timber Industry Pesticide Working Group (TIPWG), provides a platform for researchers and forestry students alike to share their research findings which may otherwise remain unpublished. To appeal to a broader, informed but non-scientific forestry audience, TIP-Mag has taken a ‘popular science magazine' approach to communicating its scientific content. Presenting "journal style" technical note research pieces, alongside "opinion articles" and "interest pieces" that present scientific content in an interesting and easy-to-digest fashion that is accessible to all.

"In doing this, TIP-Mag becomes a knowledge transfer tool, which challenges scientists to present overviews of published research (interest pieces) and thought-provoking opinion pieces in a fashion that is accessible to all forestry stakeholders", explains TIPWG Secretariat, Jacqui Meyer. "By doing so", Jacqui continues, "they help to showcase the first-class research and scientific thinking going on within the Sector to a far broader audience".

"To get to this point where we can proudly publish the first issue of TIP-Mag has taken a great deal of hard work, time, belief and patience from all involved, including the many contributors and we would like to acknowledge everyone involved." explains Dr Ronald Heath, FSA Director: Research and Protection, "Although this is only the first issue, I know TIP-Mag has the potential to become far greater and I am convinced the scope and interest will grow. Already we have international contributors and one day I hope it will include research from every aspect of forestry." We hope you enjoy reading and interrogating this first issue of TIP-Mag

Source: Forestry South Africa