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Saturday, September 25, 2021

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2020 : October

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Economic success requires compliant society, ethical leadership
28 October, 2020
Dolphin Bay
Key ingredients for economic success are a compliant society and coherent, ethical national leadership, says leading economist Dr Iraj Abedian, founder and chief executive of Pan-African Capital Holdings. In an interview with the Dolphin Bay Brief about what it would take for South Africa... read more
The Power of Online Compliance Training
22 October, 2020
Skills Train Distribution
SkillsTrain Distribution is a supplier of niche market learning resources. Ultimately we believe in creating a better future for Africa through education and the development of skilled workers. We try our best to make education as accessible as possible. read more
OPINION - We are printing less – why this isn’t a good thing
16 October, 2020
There's long been a move towards less printing, a paperless society, and this is even more true in 2020. With many working from home, and schools closed for a large part of the year, there has been significantly less consumption of office paper. But that's not necessarily as good as it sounds. read more
Sappi Forests acknowledges International Day of Rural Women
14 October, 2020
With around 4,000 women employed directly or indirectly by Sappi Forests nationwide- through its own personnel in its nurseries, and sub-contracted to its harvesting and silviculture contractors - the company is very aware of the crucial role that rural women play in the agricultural labour force. read more
Socially Distanced – But Still Touching Lives
14 October, 2020
The closure of schools during the COVID-19 lockdown meant that more than 100 children at Vulingqondo Créche could no longer receive their daily school meal, sponsored by Lonza Wood Protection South Africa. While the pandemic and the lockdown have brought about very real challenges read more
Global forest sector and workers: providing solutions for pandemic recovery
12 October, 2020
This week, the global forestry advisory body to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) released details on how sustainable forest management and forest products are well-positioned to drive a healthy, green, and inclusive recovery. read more
COVID illustrating the importance of the proactive approach the Forestry Industry takes regarding the threat posed by pests and diseases
8 October, 2020
The impact of a disease on society has never been more prominent. Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of strategic action plans that are supported by expertise to provide the essential knowledge base and capacity for implementation of measures to both protect and nurture. read more
FSCC announce Forestry Professionals Webinar
1 October, 2020
One of the Forest Sector Charter Council, FSCC, mandates is to publicise the Amended Forest Sector Code amongst all the key stakeholders. The Forest Sector Charter Council will be hosting a forestry professionals' webinar and wishes to extend an invitation to you. read more