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2017 : October

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ITC-SA reverses dormancy resolution
28 October, 2019
The Institute for Timber Construction South Africa (ITC-SA) reverses its resolution of dormancy following overwhelming feedback from various quarters of the structural timber industry, the full spectrum of its membership as well as government departments. read more
AGFO is on Fire!
25 October, 2018
AGFO is on Fire! Book your ticket at R100 per person. read more
Skillstrain Distribution Launch New Website
30 October, 2017
Skillstrain Distribution
We invite you to visit our new website today and browse through our top rated training courses and multi-media training aids. read more
Brown appoints executives at Denel, Safcol and Alexkor
27 October, 2017
Engineering news
Tsepo Monaheng has been appointed CEO of State-owned forestry company Safcol. He previously served as CEO of Denel Dynamics. read more
SAFAS certification system has been submitted to the PEFC
23 October, 2017
SAFAS certification system has been submitted to the PEFC read more
Safcol’s berry bright future
20 October, 2017
The government's forestry company was eyeing new opportunities and had done a preliminary review of producing berries, the results of which have indicated the potential for making more money than forestry itself, Lungile Mabece, SA Forestry Company Limited (Safcol) chairperson... read more
Lucrative vacation vocation available
17 October, 2017
SA rapper icon Jack Parow created a social media storm this week with the launch of South Africa's laziest job competition. Parow, who proclaims he has a ‘PhD in chilling during the day', urged students and recent graduates seeking well-paid holiday employment to apply for SA's laziest summer job. read more
Land claims: Parliament begins process to reopen window to lodge claims
17 October, 2017
Paper province
The portfolio committee on rural development and land reform on Thursday began discussions on a private members' amendment bill to reopen the window for citizens to lodge land claims. The private members bill was brought by African National Congress MP Pumzile Mnguni... read more
How to get good quality timber
16 October, 2017
 good quality timber
The number of pieces you need for roofing a two-bedroom house will depend on the house's roof, design as well as the size. A hipped roof will, for example, take more pieces of timber compared to a gabble roof. Even with a two-bedroom house, you will need different sizes of timber... read more
How to grow Eucalyptus for timber and poles
16 October, 2017
How to grow Eucalyptus for timber and poles
The two species that grow well in hotter, drier areas are eucalyptus camaldulensis and eucalyptus tereticornis. Growing Eucalyptus well is not easy and requires careful cultural practices, especially the use of improved seeds, intensive land preparation and thorough weeding (both pre and post-planting). read more
DTI: Forestry and agro-processing sectors are key to growing the economy
13 October, 2017
Business report
The Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr Bulenani Magwanishe says the agro-processing and forestry sectors are key in growing the economy and create sustainable jobs especially in the rural areas. Magwanishe was speaking at the Forestry Industrialisation Summit... read more
Dates set for WoodEX for Africa 2018
13 October, 2017
WoodEX for Africa is a timber-focussed trade exhibition hosted biennially and offers a unique business and networking platform to connect, unify and grow the African timber, tooling and machinery markets. As a key event on the timber and timber-related industry's calendar... read more
Call for Proposals to Develop a Virtual Reality App for Training Chainsaw Operators in the SA Forest Sector
4 October, 2017
The South African Forests sector through the premier industry association of timber growers, Forestry South Africa (FSA) is leading a Project that seeks to develop and test the effectiveness of a virtual & augmented reality, motion sensing chainsaw operator training application. read more
Appeal Court Judgement on Just and Equitable Compensation
4 October, 2017
Agri SA welcomes appeal court judgement on just and equitable compensation read more
Public Hearings on National Forests Amendment Act
4 October, 2017
Although the extension has been specifically granted to solicit comments on the Amendment Bill from "communities in forested areas across the country", we feel that it would be beneficial for our members, particularly small-scale growers, to attend the hearings being planned in their respective areas. read more
5th Annual Conference: Timberlands, Forest Products and Wood Fiber Issues in Western North America in 2018
3 October, 2017
Wood resources international
We are proud to announce the 5th Annual Conference organized by Wood Resources International and the Western Forestry and Conservation Association on January 25, 2018 titled: "Mapping the Course - Timberlands, Forest Products Processing and Energy Issues for 2018" read more