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2017 : November

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Gateway to Africa’s timber trade under one roof
4 December, 2017
Woodex for Africa
As the largest timber trade exhibition on the continent, WoodEX for Africa is considered the gateway to Africa's timber trade. From the biggest CNC machines to the smallest screws, from the loggers of the great outdoors to sleek laminated flooring, WoodEX for Africa plays host... read more
National minumum wage bill
24 November, 2017
Please find attached for your information a copy of the abovementioned Bill (along with a Memorandum on the Bill and an Impact Assessment) which has just been released for public comment and which I received this morning. read more
What are the implications of the National Minimum Wage?
24 November, 2017
Agri SA
President Zuma tasked deputy-President Ramaphosa to initiate a so-called social dialogue to have constructive engagement and agreement relating to a national minimum wage, about three years ago. Workers in certain sectors... read more
Skills training programmes for unemployed youth to be expanded
17 November, 2017
Following a successful programme of training undereducated young people in the Southern Cape, the MTO Forestry Group is now rolling out its training programmes for the unemployed youth to different geographical regions and associated industries. read more
Mozambique: Mozambican Forests Under Threat, Warns Minister
17 November, 2017
mozambique forests
Forests still cover 51 per cent of Mozambique, but this percentage is declining thanks to slash and burn agriculture, the exploitation of wood fuel, notably charcoal, and illegal logging, warned the Minister of Land, Environment and Rural Development, Celso Correia, on Wednesday. read more
Where are we now with land ceilings?
16 November, 2017
Farming units worldwide tend to be larger with a view to making optimum use of economies of scale. Farmers are increasingly struggling to survive on smaller units. The International Labour Organization's 2015 / 2016 inquiry into conditions on farms found that South African... read more
Wood-Mizer's TITAN Hybrid range – Versatile, Affordable, Tough
14 November, 2017
Both narrow and wide bandsaw blades have specific benefits. A sawmilling solution that can fill the gap between the two blade types, opens the door to the versatility needed to build profitable sawmilling businesses. Wood-Mizer's TITAN Hybrid range is this solution. read more
SEFA to Support the Development of a Biomass-to-Power Plant in South Africa
13 November, 2017
The Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) has approved US$990,000 to eThala Management Services, to support the development of a 10-MW Biomass-to-Power plant to be located in Harding, 200 km south of Durban in the KwaZulu Natal Province of South Africa. read more
Three key state-owned companies to get new CEOs – Brown
10 November, 2017
Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown has announced the appointments of senior executive directors at Denel, Safcol and Alexkor Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown on Thursday confirmed senior appointments at three state-owned companies. read more
Nelson Mandela University Forestry students attend International Junior Forest Contest
10 November, 2017
Nelson Mandela University Students
Nelson Mandela University Forestry students Zamadlamini Dlamini and Tertius Venter were chosen by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) to attend the 14th International Junior Forest Contest 2017 which took place from 3 - 8 September 2017 in Russia. read more
2nd edition of the Climate Risk and Vulnerability handbook
6 November, 2017
The 2nd edition of the Climate Risk and Vulnerability handbook was launched on 5 October 2017 at the CSIR 6th Biennial Conference in Pretoria. The handbook presents the latest available scientific knowledge on the nature of climate change and its implications for the region... read more
Continuous monitoring of your forest resource
6 November, 2017
Friday off cuts
To effectively manage resources decision makers, require timely information at an appropriate scale. In the recent years there has been a marked increase and uptake of remote sensing technologies - drones, LiDAR and satellite imagery. read more
Guide to Valuation and Expropriation
3 November, 2017
Further to the Supreme Court of Appeal having ruled that the starting point for determining "just & equitable" compensation for expropriated land was the market value, Agri SA has subsequently released a guide which members can use to inform themselves of their rights in this regard. read more
Latest Developments Regarding National Minimum Wage
3 November, 2017
A comprehensive report of the latest developments concerning the NMW received from Agri Sa this morning. I have, once again, asked Jahni de Villiers to clarify whether or not forestry workers would be included in the "farm worker" dispensation (i.e. 90% of minimum wage initially). read more
SAIF: Request for Contributors I.R.O. their proposed “Timber Transport Handbook”
3 November, 2017
The Institute is proposing to develop a "Timber Transport Handbook" and is looking for volunteers who are experts in this field to contribute their expertise to help draft this Handbook.  Further details are contained in the message below from the SAIF's Andrew McEwan. read more
Agri SA Land Audit Report Released
3 November, 2017
Agri Development Solutions together with Landbouweekblad and with considerable funding support from Agri SA have produced an excellent Land Audit Report, the findings of which are most interesting. The study found that between 1994 and 2016 the percentage of agricultural land owned by PDI's... read more
A pioneer of FSC certification takes stock
2 November, 2017
Twenty years ago, the South African Forestry Company (SAFCOL) plunged into the dark: it obtained one of the earliest FSC certificates in the world for its Komatiland Forests (KLF) operations. The seed came from Pieter Odendaal, SAFCOL's then Divisional Director of Forestry... read more
A man of the forests
2 November, 2017
When SAFCOL's acting Chief Operating Officer, Klaas Mokobane, was a child growing up near the Uitsoek plantation in Mpumalanga, he would run away from foresters. He was terrified of these stern men in uniforms, literally from another world. read more
Woolworths signs the Forest Stewardship Council Vancouver Declaration
1 November, 2017
FSC Africa
The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is proud to announce that Woolworths South Africa has become the first African company to sign "The Vancouver Declaration" which was launched on 10 October 2017 at the FSC General Assembly. read more
How biorefineries can add value to forestry waste
1 November, 2017
How biorefineries can add value to forestry waste
With South African forestry currently recovering an average of only 47% of its potential timber yield for economic benefit, the industry is ripe for the widespread adoption of value-adding biorefinery technology. Dr Bruce Sithole, director of the Forest and Forest Products Research Centre... read more