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2017 : July

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Code of Good Practice on Employment Equity Plans
31 July, 2017

The DoL seems to be taking non-compliance with the Employment Equity Act far more seriously of late.  Members are thus encouraged to take cognisance of these Codes as well as the updated guidelines.

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National minimum wage may seem clear, but many questions still linger
31 July, 2017
Business Day
Three years ago the ANC undertook to introduce a national minimum wage with the objective of reducing inequality and poverty. This decision led to the deputy president chairing a lengthy process within the tripartite National Economic Development and Labour Council (Nedlac), with input from a panel of experts. read more
Special Investigating Unit (SIU) Investigation into the Affairs of DRDRLR
31 July, 2017
It has often been stated in political circles that the "willing-buyer, willing seller" system has failed in that "exorbitant" prices have been paid by the State for land required for land reform purposes. More often than not landowners have had the finger pointed at them as the cause of this. read more
SAFAS Certification Standard
28 July, 2017
Stakeholders are invited to comment on the second draft the SAFAS certification standard. read more
Mystical Knysna forest not affected by the fire
27 July, 2017
According to the initial findings, the iconic Knysna forest was not affected by the devastating fires in Knysna. The forest - from Goudveld to Diepwalle - is accessible. Spanning across some 60,500 hectares of land, from George to Tsitsikamma in the East. read more
Voluntary Guidelines on National Forest Monitoring
27 July, 2017
relief web
26 July 2017, Rome - FAO has developed new guidelines aimed at helping countries develop strong National Forest Monitoring Systems, which are key to measure progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). read more
Practical tips for the fire season
26 July, 2017
Zoodland observer
AS Zululand approaches the drier winter months and the losses owing to the destructive nature of fire resulting in the loss to people's lives and property in the southern Cape are very fresh in the minds of many, it is wise to implement safe fire precautions. read more
The “A to Z” of African forest sector players will be at the DANA conference at Kruger in September
25 July, 2017
For the first time ever, a DANA event is being held, not at a hotel conference venue, but at the unique Skukuza Conference Centre which is located in the world-renowned Kruger National Park Your conference registration includes a Game Drive to seek out "The Big 5". read more
Date set for FP&M SETA Initiative : Forestry Growth Strategy Workshop
25 July, 2017
FP&M Seta
UPDATE : New date to be announced read more
University of Stellenbosch - Department of Forest & Wood Science Annual Report 2016
24 July, 2017
University of Stellenbosch
Country wide disruptions related to the Fees-Must-Fall campaign at almost all higher education institutions in SA took their toll on staff, students and infrastructure. Widespread damage to property at our sister institutions, the disruption of academic programmes and delayed examinations (to my mind) took the process... read more
Cultivating Futures: Global Leaders in Agriculture & Forestry
20 July, 2017
SI News
A degree in Agriculture and Forestry may not be the most typical of subjects to pursue, but they are absolutely critical for the successful future of our planet. The graduates and experts these courses are producing go a long way to keeping the world functioning. read more
Registered Qualifications
18 July, 2017
Please ensure that all the training providers that you use are aware of these accreditation requirements. If you (or your training providers) need any further information, please contact Lenny at the FP&M SETA in Pinetown Tel: (031) 702 4482 (ext 4410). read more
FP&M SETA Initiative : Forestry Growth Strategy Workshop
18 July, 2017
FP&M Seta

This is an excellent opportunity for the Industry to appraise the SETA of the circumstances facing our Industry and its impact on skills development needs. FSA will liaise with the SETA in terms of organising the Workshop. As a first step, we need to set a date...

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Book your stand for AGFO 2017
18 July, 2017
The annual Agriculture and Forestry Expo (AGFO) 2017 takes place at the Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre in White River, Mpumalanga, from 14 to 16 September 2017. The AGFO Expo, the preferred trade platform for the agriculture and forestry sectors. read more
Opportunity to Participate in the Development of the South African Forestry Assurance Scheme (SAFAS)
14 July, 2017
Invitation to forestry stakeholders to comment on the scope and process of developing the South African Forestry Assurance Scheme Standard, and/or to join the Standard Development Working Group. read more
Africa Architecture Awards extends deadline after flood of entries
10 July, 2017
Africa Architecture
After a flood of entries, the Africa Architecture Awards has extended its entry deadline, allowing more architects from across the continent the opportunity to showcase their talents. Over 360 registered entries for the inaugural Africa Architecture Awards have been received... read more
Lonza Employee Responds to Knysna Fire Relief Aid Efforts
10 July, 2017
In what has been described as the biggest disaster in South Africa, the Knysna fires saw one of the largest deployment of fire-fighters and volunteers from all over the country. Among those who responded was Lonza Wood Protection's employee, Rory Milne. read more
Developments at NEDLAC Regarding Labour Legislation
10 July, 2017
National Minimum Wage and Labour Relations Stability Processes - The draft NMW Bills have been tabled with Nedlac for negotiation, and the task team has been revived to consider the Bill with reference to the February agreement. The Labour Relations Stability texts are completed... read more
Imminent national minimum wage risks devastating SA’s rural areas – FMF
10 July, 2017
Is the government unconcerned about the devastation of employment in the rural areas that the National Minimum Wage (NMW) will cause? If government generally is unconcerned, perhaps Deputy President, Cyril Ramaphosa should give the matter some earnest thought... read more
Forestry South Africa shares practical tips for fire season
10 July, 2017
The destructive nature of fire and the loss to people's lives and property are very fresh in the minds of many. "While insurers are yet to calculate the value of the damage in the Southern Cape, it would be impossible to quantify the personal loss of such devastation to families, their homes and possessions... read more
Invitation to National Roadshow for Wood Packaging Material (ISPM 15) & Discontinuation of Methly Bro-mide in SA
6 July, 2017
Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries
The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries hereby invites all role players in manufacturing, treating, exporting of wood packing material (WPM) using Methyl bromide and Heat Treatment, as well as importers of Methyl Bromide fumigant, Freight Forwarders and Agents. read more
FSA Final Submission on Draft Valuation Regulations
5 July, 2017
Forestry South Africa
FSA's final submission to the Valuer General on the Draft Valuation Regulations i.t.o. the Property Valuations Act. read more
FSA and SSA express need for collaboration and coordination after fires in Southern and Eastern Cape
4 July, 2017
Following a recent meeting with the forestry and sawmilling stakeholders in the fire-ravaged Southern and Eastern Cape areas, Forestry South Africa (FSA) and Sawmilling South Africa (SSA) have emphasised the need for intensive collaboration and careful coordination between government... read more