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Saturday, January 18, 2020

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Forestry Training

For a list of training facilitators offering Forestry Training please click HERE

Fort Cox Agriculture and Forestry Training Institute

Fort Cox forestry department is one of the two academic departments in Fort Cox College Agriculture and Forestry. The department offers a dynamic academic three year general forestry diploma programme at NQF level 6. The programme is accredited and recognized by Council on Higher education. It is our main aim to continue producing high quality graduates who are responsive to the current challenges facing the forestry industry. Moreover, considering the afforestation programme approved for the Eastern Cape Province, our forestry department has a major role to play to capacitate future foresters who will sustain the afforestation programme. It is without reasonable doubt that Fort Cox is an institution of choice for studying forestry qualification. Through our dedicated partnership with private companies in the industry that provides an integral opportunity of exposure to current and prospective students to attain various technical experiences in forest management.

Website: www.fortcox.ac.za

Nelson Mandela University (NMU)

George Campus is a firm favourite of students who study Forestry because of its beautiful setting, natural surroundings and rich forestry history. The campus itself is surrounded by commercial forests, making it the ideal setting, integrating academic training and practical experience so that students enjoy broad exposure to the industry and its practices.

The South African forestry industry prides itself on the strong emphasis it has placed on the management of renewable resources, continually striving to ensure sustainability on an economic, social and environmental basis. Forest management has become one of the most important pre-requisites for the survival of the forestry industry today. It is of the utmost importance that the application of technical knowledge and skills are integrated with sound management principles. The Forestry course offered at the George Campus more than adequately equips its students to satisfy this need.

Website: www.snrm.mandela.ac.za/Forestry

Stellenbosch University (SUN)

Special knowledge, skills and management expertise are required for sustainable agricultural and forestry production. Our wide range of teaching programmes covers, therefore, all aspects of natural resource management, plant and animal production, post-harvest operations and economic management, from the basic science, through to the practical and economic aspects of the respective value chains of agriculture and of forestry. The DFWS has strengthened its original mandate and is a recognised international leader in this regard. 

Teaching, research and development services are provided to a full spectrum of stakeholders, both locally and internationally, which include the South African and international commercial forestry sector, government and other public forestry branches, NGOs and society. The DFWS has a small team of dedicated lecturers and researchers, supported by knowledgeable and experienced technical and administrative staff.​​Graduates in agriculture and forestry can follow a variety of careers in plant or animal production, conservation, processing and marketing. There are, for example, careers in research, teaching, consultation, information dissemination, farm management, environ­ment management and industrial plant management (cellars, food factories and sawmills). Professions and careers such as these are not only practised in agricultural and forestry companies, but also in associated industries, commercial enterprises and government departments. Agrisciences graduates of this University enjoy high regard in the inter­national labour market

Website: www.sun.ac.za/english/faculty/agri/forestry

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