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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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November : Forest Sector Charter Council approves outgrower codes

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18 November, 2013

Forest Sector Charter Council approves outgrower codes

Following a two year process led by a task team headed by FSA, the Forest Sector Charter Council finally approved the Codes of Conduct to govern Forest Grower Partnerships (referred to as the Emerging Forest Grower Scheme codes in the charter and companion document). This is another milestone for industry undertakings, in terms of our charter commitments.

Of importance to note is that DAFF had held up the process for the past year while they wanted to get their Forestry Protocols finalised but following their Afforestation Workshop in Durban where FSA gave a presentation clarifying both the independence of these codes from the protocols, as well as what should be contained in the protocols, they finally agreed in yesterday's meeting to approve the codes, with one minor amendment.

Herewith please find the approved version of the codes for your information.

Download the Word document: Codes of Good Practice for Emerging Forest Grower Schemes in SA