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September : Faculty of AgriSciences 2014 Annual Report

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14 September, 2015

Faculty of AgriSciences 2014 Annual Report

built on its success of previous years and maintained or improved in areas key to its financial viability. The emphasis in the Faculty remains on quality teaching and applied research in agricultural sciences and fundamental scientific domains. In order to maintain the quality of teaching and research, the Faculty adhered strongly to firstyear student intake numbers as requested by the Department of Higher Education and Training. The Faculty also attempted to diversify the acceptance of students into the different programmes by capping student numbers in certain programmes. This decision was taken to maintain teaching quality throughout the Faculty, build student numbers to enter postgraduate studies within the various disciplines and to ensure improved financial viability of all programmes and departments within the Faculty. The Faculty continues to work on systems aimed at improving the working environment of the staff to ensure that they are able to perform at the high levels expected of Stellenbosch University in delivering excellence in teaching and research. Although the Faculty has a low turnover of staff, vacant positions continue to attract quality applicants, which further enhances our quality teaching and research.

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