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October : Extension of Security of Tenure Amendment Bill, 2013

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15 October, 2013

Extension of Security of Tenure Amendment Bill, 2013

Cabinet approved the publication of the Draft Extension of Security of Tenure Amendment Bill for public comment on 9 October 2013.

This bill is as a result of discussions and numerous meetings which have taken place through the NAREG working group process on the Green Paper on Land Reform.

To amend the Extension of Security of Tenure Act, 1997 so as:
  • to amend and insert certain definitions;
  • to substitute the provision of subsidies with tenure grants;
  • to further regulate the rights of occupiers;
  • to further regulate the eviction of occupiers by enforcing alternative resolution mechanisms provided for in the Act;
  • to provide for the establishment and operation of Land Rights Management Board and Land Rights Management Committees
  • to identify, monitor and settle land rights disputes and to establish and maintain a data base of occupiers, land rights disputes and evictions;
  • and to provide for matters connected therewith.

The draft Extension of Security of Tenure Amendment Bill can be found on the Kwanalu website.

Please carefully consider your inputs and where possible demonstrate by an example why you may not agree with this bill.  We are aware that many landowners in KZN experience significant challenges regarding ESTA and examples may assist in our lobby actions.

Please submit your comments and input to us by no later than 25 October 2013 by email to: in order to incorporate into a submission to be made on the bill.

Download the PDF document: ESTA Amendment Bill 9 October 2013