Forestry in South Africa
Thursday, July 2, 2020

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The Value of Forests
11 June, 2020
MFilm Montenegro
Short animation film which provide concrete information about the value of forests and their impact on human health. read more
Sappi acts ForNature and celebrates World Environment Day 2020
5 June, 2020
If there is something that the last few lockdown months have taught many of us, is that we need to make 'Time for Nature'. We have marvelled as the planet has taken a breather along with her inhabitants and has rejuvenated herself, as we have rediscovered the abundance that she has to offer. read more
A Traded Tree: What Rosewood means to Africa
28 May, 2020
Trade for Development News
The ‘hero' of this story is rosewood. The illegal trade in the wood is one of the world's most lucrative businesses, and affects much of Southeast Asia and parts of Africa and South America. read more
World Bee Day, 20 May 2020
20 May, 2020

Forestry South Africa celebrates World Bee Day by making bees the focus of their new standard operating procedure

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Shining a light on the protection mechanism of plants against excess sunlight
19 May, 2020
In a world first, scientists have mapped how plants dispel excess sunlight as heat. Future understanding of this process could have the potential to protect and improve crop yields. read more
Guest Article: Sustainable Forests and Reaching the SDGs
3 April, 2020
Whether from the emergence of infectious diseases, the growing risks to global food systems, or from the increasing variability in global climate and local weather patterns, it is evident that we urgently need to rebalance our relationship with nature. read more
Scientists Discover that Trees have a Heartbeat
4 March, 2020
Trees have a heart beat
There is a huge number of living things on Earth, all with their own set of characteristics and unique ways of life. All the way from the smallest ants, up to the huge giraffes and elephants, one thing that everyone has in common is that they are alive! read more
Trees in South Africa are under attack. Why it’s proving hard to manage
24 February, 2020
The Conversation
More than two years have passed since the detection of what is arguably the most damaging tree pest ever to arrive in South Africa: the polyphagous shot hole borer (Euwallacea fornicatus). The beetle kills trees and there are no proven remedies. read more
City of Cape Town slams 'malicious' poisoning of gum trees
24 February, 2020
The City of Cape Town has slammed the malicious poisoning of a tenth gum tree since October. A large gum in Wessels Road, Kenilworth, was the latest tree to be poisoned. Earlier this month, the city's horticulturalists carried out a site inspection in Kenilworth.
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Ethiopia Plants 350 Million Trees in 12 Hours, Smashing World Record
18 February, 2020
Ethiopia Plants 350 Million Trees in 12 Hours, Smashing World Record
In a race to reforest the desert, Ethiopia just planted 5 times as many trees as India did when it broke the world record two years ago In an effort to reverse deforestation and desertification (caused primarily by agriculture) African and Asian countries are rapidly planting billions of trees. read more