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July : Davey FireFighter more than meets the eye & rainwater harvesting in the spotlight

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1 July, 2014

Davey FireFighter more than meets the eye & rainwater harvesting in the spotlight

Local firefighting equipment wholesaler, distributor and manufacturer SafeQuip reports that its legendary engine-driven Davey FireFighter pump is being re-introduced into the market as a multifunctional pump as opposed to just a firefighting pump.

SafeQuip product manager for Davey Water Products Malcolm Corns explains that the Davey FireFighter pump has a good reputation in South Africa and has been in the market for many years, but has been somewhat underutilised as not all users are aware of its various functions.

"We have found that some Davey FireFighter users may not be aware of all the pump's great functions. It is actually a multifunctional pump, which can be used for much more than just firefighting. This means that when the user understands the various simple uses of the Davey FireFighter he will benefit from one product that can do the job of several," notes Corns.

The Davey twin stage and single stage FireFighter

The Davey twin stage and single stage FireFighter

More than meets the eye

The Davey FireFighter pump can be used for firefighting, tanker to tanker water transfer, high head general water transfer, sheep jetting, irrigation and boom spraying.

"One of the value added benefits when it comes to using the Davey FireFighter for firefighting, is that it can be used to transfer water from any kind of nearby water source to the tanker when its runs empty during firefighting.

"For example if a firefighter has a tank on the back of his bakkie, he can simply back up to a water source and use the FireFighter in a transfer configuration to pump water into the tank, before switching it back into its firefighting mode," explains Corns.

This same water transfer function can be used to extinguish fires using water directly from the source and to move volumes of water in flood situations.

He further adds that the user experience will soon be improved as SafeQuip and Davey Water Products re-evaluate the kit assembly line of the FireFighter product.

"In the near future all our Davey FireFighter kits, which are manufactured in Australia, will be assembled on demand in Cape Town, ensuring improved quality control, better warranty promises and correctly kitted end products.  This will also ensure that users can acquire the correct kit and associated pieces at the right price, without buying incompatible parts from various retailers," notes Corns.

A look at the specifications

Davey FireFighter pumps are available in petrol or diesel and single or double stage conversions with three or four-way discharges. Petrol driven models are powered by an industry leading Honda or Briggs & Stratton petrol engines, while diesel models benefit from a Yanmar diesel engine.

Patented clamped impeller designs enable a longer impeller life, improved performance and easier disassembly in the case of blockage. Pump casings, diffusers and impellers are manufactured from quality corrosion resistant marine grade aluminium for longevity.

The pumps boast patented floating impeller neckrings on the front and back. The front neckring helps improve pumping efficiency, while the back neckring helps extend seal life and dramatically reduces engine wear.

Self-priming from 6 m for the single stage model and 7 m for the twin stage model allows for more versatile installation options.

Further, the pumps also feature low-oil protection on all models. This feature prevents the engine from starting or running if the oil level is inadequate, thus protecting the engine. Electric start models have an electric starter, which requires batteries and leads. Models fitted with recoil starters ensure a choice of starting methods, even if the battery is flat or removed.

The pumps are portable, offer a maximum suction lift of up to 7 m and can be fitted with a jet kit for drawing up water from 40 m as an alternative to a bore or deep well pump.

How do I choose my FireFighter?

The first step in enjoying the Davey FireFighter is choosing the best pump for the application at hand.

First, the user needs to choose between single stage or twin stage models. The two models share many of the same great features but the twin model's double impeller design provides extra strong pressure for longer and higher pumping applications such as uphill applications. The single stage provides a versatility of high flow rates. The single stage models can be identified by their yellow pump casing, while the twin stage has a red pump casing.

Secondly, choose between petrol and diesel. Petrol is recommended for intermittent use, while if the pump is going to be used for prolonged periods, the diesel models are better suited. The range of petrol engines starts with the Honda GX160 (163CC) up to the Briggs & Stratton Vanguard (391CC). The diesel Yanmar engines start at 320CC up to the top of the range at 430CC.

Thirdly, decide between pull or electric start. Electric start models simply start easier, but pull starters power-up without the use of batteries.

Fourthly, use an estimate of the volumes of water that will have to be pumped to decide on an engine size. The larger the volume of water the bigger the required engine capacity.

Water harvesting & water treatment

Meanwhile, Corns explains that SafeQuip is also focussed on growing its water harvesting and water treatment products in South Africa.

Corns says South Africa is considered a water scarce country and could face its first water shortages in as little as six year's time.

"We really do live in a dry and water scarce country and we need to look at innovations from countries like Australia, which has similar climatic conditions, to learn how to use water more productively and sparingly. Australia has experienced severe droughts and water harvesting and treatment solutions were made compulsory in an effort to conserve water," adds Corns.

Davey rainwater harvesting equipment on offer from SafeQuip include the RainBank range of harvesting products, which can be used in combination with normal water storage tanks.

RainBank is an automatic controller for rainwater harvesting. It controls the water supply for toilet and laundry applications by automatically selecting the water source with rainwater being the priority, and mains water the back-up.

RainBank can save up to 40% of a household's drinking quality water which is normally used in the abovementioned applications. This helps to conserve precious water reserves.

The rainwater harvesting system is available as a kit with a range of Davey pumps to suit a wide range of buildings, home and other applications such as temporary or rural forestry communities and development sites.

Other products that go hand-in-hand with the RainBank system is water treatment products such as Aquashield Max and Centurion, Aquasafe and Steriflo.

Aquashield Centurion: Is a preassembled wall mounted ultraviolet (UV) system that includes a Filterpure 20 µm filtration for sediment reduction and 1 µm filtration for cyst reduction.  Followed by Davey Steriflo UV disinfection technology, the three stage water disinfection and filtration process ensures a safe and hygienic water supply.

Aquashield Max:
This is a UV pressure system that can be used in tank only and main water back-up installations. It is also suitable for bore and surface water treatment.

Aquashield Max has the same basic properties as the Aquashield Matrix but boasts additional features such as a RainBank MII controller option and Torrium2 TT70 controller option, which makes it suitable for pressure boosting disinfected water for large homes.

Aquasafe: Is a safe and cost effective way to eliminate bacteria and viruses in water tanks. Aquasafe breaks down into oxygen and protects the tank from recontamination for up to two months. Only one litre is needed to disinfect 15 000 of tank water. The product is environment-friendly, tasteless and odourless.

Steriflo: The Davey Steriflo domestic UV water disinfection systems are an effective and economical means of eliminating harmful bacteria and viruses from drinking water supplies. It can also be used for small scale waste water disinfection at reduced flow rates.

UV light generated by the lamp in a Davey Steriflo unit (254nm) is lethal to most micro-organisms as it damages their ability to reproduce. The UV system causes no taste and because no chemicals are used it is impossible to overdose the water.

"The abovementioned Davey water harvesting and water treatment products will soon be essential tools in all drought-stricken countries. A shift towards a green consciousness and a collective responsibility towards the environment will encourage the daily use of these products," concludes.

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Source :  Wood SA and Timber Times