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July : DANA presents: Oceania Plantation, Forest & Wood Products Trade Conference

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4 July, 2013

DANA presents: Oceania Plantation, Forest & Wood Products Trade Conference Melbourne: 8 & 9 August 2013

Planning, topics and speakers for the August 8 & 9 2013 DANA:  Oceania Plantation, Forest & Wood Products Trade Conference are about all done.

We are delighted with the excellent calibre and profile of all speakers on both days.  Since our last newsletter on 4 June, where we highlighted a number of speakers already confirmed, we have been able to complete the final topics and speaker's list.  New speakers confirmed include:

  • Malcolm Geier, Business Development Manager, Port of Portland Pty Limited (POP), who will present on:
    • The POP's perspective of how it approaches developments generally, what its project and investment decision drivers are; and how its major log export project fits into that framework.
    • POP port efficiency, berth utilisation and implications of a large increase in log volumes, including modelling to understand the ability of the port to handle the forecast log and woodchip volumes.
    • What has actually been done to date with the POP's log export project in terms of facility design, project management, construction and funding; and what POP has learnt from the process?

We are delighted Malcolm's has accepted the invitation.  His presentation promises to be a highlight of the Conference.

  • Jacob Mannothra, Director of pioneering New Zealand based log and lumber exporter Zindia. Jacob will summarise the present status of the New Zealand log export industry [now about the largest in the world for softwood sawlogs, and running neck and neck with the Russian Far East -- NZ exported 9.1 million m3 in 2012, and shipments were way up again in Q1 2013]. Jacob will also provide estimates of FOB returns from China, Korea, India, and Japan for pine logs, and then track these back to return to the stump for the forest investor. This is likely to be the first time that this analysis will be presented at a public forum. He will also summarise the present log and lumber markets into India and Middle East and his thoughts on their future development.
  • A New Zealand based- Scion "WoodScape" Project Manager will present on its recently released major study which analysed the investment potential of a diverse range of nearly 40 different wood processing technologies; both traditional and emerging. They included solid wood products, panel products, pulp and paper, engineered wood products and biofuel plants. This study was modelled on an earlier major Canadian study; and the title will be: The WoodScape Project - Identifying National Wood Processing Opportunities: A New Zealand case study. There will be an opportunity for delegates to discuss its potential application in analysing the Australian wood processing sector.
  • In our last newsletter we highlighted Pöyry's Dr. George Goroyias, who will be speaking on the topic of "The Asia Pacific Wood Panel Industry: Market drivers. Regional woodfibre balance. The potential for wood panel production growth in Oceania". We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Goroyias will be joined by Rudolf van Rensburg, Senior Principal and Head of Land and Forests, Bioenergy Asia Pacific, Pöyry Management Consulting (Australia) Pty Ltd in presenting this topic - which will be based on a recent huge Pöyry regional study on the wood panel industry and its future direction.

We have still deliberately left the "Panel" slot blank on the topics/speaker list in the attached newsletter, although we have already confirmed some speakers.  However, there is still room for a few more.  If you would like to take advantage of speaking for a short time (5-8 minutes) on your project in this slot, please let me know soonest.

A full list of topics and speakers to date, registration, sponsorship and accommodation details are available from this link.

Download the PFD Document: DANA Newsletter, Volume 3, Issue 2

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