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June : DANA Inaugural International Timberland Investment Conference

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20 June, 2013

DANA Inaugural International Timberland Investment Conference London : 10 & 11 October 2013

We are pleased to announce an opportunity for anyone interested in attending a London- focused timberland investment conference in October 2013 - there is now a choice of timberland meetings in October.

The attached newsletter provides information on the topics to be discussed at the two day DANA - organised "International Timberland Investment - A European Perspective" meeting at the Park Plaza Victoria Hotel in London on October 10-11.  It will also include details regarding the Conference registration, sponsorship and hotel accommodation.

The DANA meeting is being held independently, but in conjunction with a one day IPD meeting on Alternative Real Estate Investment which is also being held at the Park Plaza Victoria Hotel on October 9. For information on this meeting please click this link  and then the IPD Events & Training tab.

Who is DANA?
DANA Limited is a New Zealand based forest industry advisory, publishing and conference organising company specialising in the global timberland (forestry) and wood products trading sectors.  Dennis Neilson has been directly involved in the industry for more than 40 years and


  • Directly attracted more than US$ 500 million of investment finance to a variety of timberland projects: both as an executive of a major forest products company, and as a co-owner of a Timber Investment
    Management Organisation (TIMO): partnered with a prominent UK- based timberland investor.
  • Dennis has written or co-written more than 50 multi-client reviews on the timberland and forest products sectors of several countries; and on several global timberland ownership and investment and on global woodfibre trade topics. Several of these are repeated updates (with many repeat subscribers): for instance 20 annual editions of The International Pulpwood Trade Review and six editions of The International Timberland Ownership and Investment Review. For a full list of publications, see
  • Dennis has travelled to visit timberlands and/or to investigate the economics of investing in timberlands in almost 50 countries in Europe, Russia, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and in North, Central and Latin America.
  • Organised or co-organised conferences on timberland investment and/or regional or global wood products trade.  For unsolicited comments from delegates who attended a recent International Woodfibre Resources & Trade Conference in Turkey, please click this link.
  • Dennis has spoken at more than 130 conferences on timberlands ownership and investment, or related topics, in North and Latin America, Europe, Oceania, Asia and Africa: including six to date in 2013. For a recent (2010 - 2013) list of presentations, see


Why attend this DANA London Conference?


  • Dennis's experience in direct and indirect timberland investment and in attending several conferences has enabled him to focus on what he believes delegates want to hear, and how to network. A DANA London based Conference is an ideal forum to bring together pension/endowment/SWF funds, timberland fund managers, timberland owners and associated parties such as banks and insurance companies, and Government officials. Direct pension fund managers are invited to attend the conference presentations at no cost.
  • Dennis has commenced inviting well respected industry leaders who will present on each of the topics outlined in the program. Two panel sessions will also provide the opportunity for Timberland Project Managers to briefly discuss their projects and/or company. Speakers already confirmed include:

    • Dennis Neilson, DANA Limited who will introduce the conference with an overview of international timberland as an asset class, and the several options of how prospective investors might invest.  Dennis is the author of the industry "bible", The International Timberlands Ownership and Investment Review.  The 7th edition will be completed and published just before the conference, and will form the basis for his presentation.
    • Sean Glodek, CEO of the Russia Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) which was established in 2011 with an injection of US $10 billion from the Russian Government, and which has already teamed up with a major Chinese Sovereign Wealth fund to invest in Russian timberland/wood processing assets in Russia.  It is committed to growing its Russian forestry/wood processing business. Mr Glodek will speak on his fund's forestry activities and on timberland investment trends in Russia.
    • Bob Izlar/Jacek Siry of the University of Georgia, USA Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources who will be speaking on "USA Timberland Investment:  Is USA still a good place to invest as part or all of a portfolio, and if so why?" Messes Izlar and Siry organised the world's largest ever timberlands investment conference in Florida, USA in March 2013, with more than 500 delegates attending. The U. of G. publishes the widely used and respected quarterly "Timber Mart-South" report on USA timberland and wood products pricing, news and information.   The presenters' intimate knowledge of the USA timberlands investment scene, and on-going opportunities is probably unparalleled.
    • Aleksandrs Tralmaks of Catella Corparate Finance in Riga, Latvia, who will be speaking on "Scandinavian - Baltic Timberland Investment Opportunities and Expected Returns.  Some Unheralded Gems?"
    • Russell Taylor, President of the Vancouver, Canada based International WOOD Markets Group, whose company closely follows softwood sawlog and lumber supply - demand and pricing globally, and who will be presenting on "Softwood Logs and Lumber: Global Drivers to 2020: Impact on Prices and on Timberland Values".
    • Oliver Lansdell, Director of the London- based,  globally respected pulp and bioenergy information & advisory company Hawkins Wright, who will talk on the huge global hardwood pulp industry trends, including several expansion plans in 2013-2016 and beyond; and how these projects might impact on pulp pricing and possibly on timberland investments in pulpwood crops.
    • Marek Guizot - Principal at Pöyry Management Consulting in London office, who will be presenting on  "Timberland Investment in Africa : Stagnation or Acceleration".
    • Paul Speed, Director of New Forests Asia,  which has recently launched a New Forests Tropical Asian Forests Fund, the first, private, closed end investment fund with a dedicated focus on plantation forestry assets in the tropical Asia Pacific; with a focus on Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.  Paul will be presenting on Asian Timberland Investment Opportunities.
    • Craig Taylor, Director, Fifth Estate, Australia, who will present on "Oceania: Why has it been an institutional investors favourite?: Future opportunities". In a 30 year career in the forest industry Craig has advised buyers and sellers of timberlands and timber processing businesses in Australia and New Zealand valued at over $10 billion.  His clients have included Rio Tinto, Macquarie Bank, Hancock, Rayonier, the Queensland State Government, the receivers of the Great Southern assets, and most recently he advised the South Australian Government on the successful their sale of forestry rights.  He will expand on why Australia and New Zealand have been hot property for timberland investors over the last two decades, and where the smartest institutional investors will find their next opportunities.
    • Speakers for a number of other presentations, and for the project panels have already been identifed and will be included in the next newsletter.
  • Dennis wants prospective participants to clearly understand what the Conference will provide for the costs of attending, and sponsorship opportunities.
  • DANA is confident that once you read the quality of the program (and presenters, as they unfold and are identified in future newsletters), they will speak for themselves. You will want to register straight away - there will be no thought of "calling around" to solicit your interest. However, Dennis will of course be happy to discuss the Conference and opportunities with anyone who wishes to contact him.

Who should attend DANA London Conference?

  • International & UK based Forest Owners
  • Timberland Investment Management Organisations (TIMOs)
  • International & UK based Investors (including pension funds)
  • International & UK based Banks & Investment Funds
  • Government agencies
  • International & UK based Forest & Agricultural consultants
  • International & UK based Family Offices and high nett wealth individuals
  • Major International & UK based wood using industries
  • Financial and Market Analysts

Download the PDF newsletter: May 2013 - Volume 1 Issue 1

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Pamela Richards
Managing Director
PR Conference Consultants
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