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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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May : Confirmation of New Forestry Minimum Wages

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5 May, 2015

Confirmation of New Wages i.r.o. Being Based on 9 hour day

Please refer to the correspondence below entered into between FSA and DoL, which confirms that the new minimum wage is indeed based on a working day of 9 hours or alternatively, a working week of 45 hours.

This clarification was needed as the new Gazetted wage did not stipulate this fact explicitly.

"In terms of the two sectoral determinations, it allows a worker to either work 8 or 9 hours which is calculated to 45 hours per week. Depending on the operational requirements the employer would have to decide how many hours he/she would operate. Coming to the issue of whether the calculation for farm workers is based on an employee who works 9 hour per day, Yes your absolutely correct, but that doesn't deprive an employer who operate on 8 hours to pay based on 8 hours. Yes it was not indicated in terms of forestry sectoral determination amendment, but if you make the calculations based on the published hourly wage of R13.37 on 9 hours you will arrive at the same figure of R120.32 as stipulated in the sectoral determination for farm worker sector"

"The weekly and monthly wage in the published sectoral determinations was based on an employee who works 45 hours per week and 4 weeks in a month. In term of the calculation it will reflect as follows: 13.37 x 45 = 601.67 weekly x 4.333 = 2,606.78 monthly."

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